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Do not fall for those who claim that guest posting is solely about giving back; each article you write for a 3rd-party website puts you one step closer to expanding your audience, expanding your network, and reaching your marketing goals. Choose the best guest post service.

Launch by researching blogs that accept guest posts by researching their submission guidelines and reading through previous posts. Next, focus on approaching these sites with high-quality articles that fit their niche.

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Guest Posts

Blogs that allow guest posting can be an excellent way to gain exposure, improve search engine optimization (SEO), and establish credibility. However, before submitting content for consideration on these blogs, it’s essential that you clearly outline your goals first. If increasing brand recognition is your goal, partner with blogs with broad and engaged audiences; otherwise, if improving SEO is your objective, then look for keyword research-focused blogs with solid industry presence that offer exposure.

Typically, the best guest post sites for you are those relevant to your niche with an active community. Use tools such as Ahrefs to check root domain authority and traffic. Avoid sites selling backlinks or publishing low-quality content, as this will damage both your reputation and lead Google to penalize you in the long run.

Once you’ve identified potential guest posting sites, the next step is reaching out. Before doing this, take some time to study their submissions page and social media carefully, as well as any signs that indicate it could be a guest post farm – such as links to other sites offering guest posts for sale or highly shared articles from social media channels. It is also essential to determine what topics a blogger accepts – for business writing, it may be wise to avoid content that is too technical or academic.


Guest posting can be an excellent way to generate high-quality backlinks to your site and increase its SEO rankings, reach new audiences, and even establish yourself as a writer in your niche. But be wary: Google penalizes sites that buy links artificially in order to artificially increase their Domain Authority or Domain Reputation scores (DA or DR). Check out the Best info about guest blogging services.

To learn if a blog allows guest posts, read their guidelines. Most will have a page dedicated to submissions; you may also use advanced search operators like “inurl guest post” or “inurl contribute.”

Examine your competitors’ backlink profiles to determine whether or not they feature any guest posts. If so, reach out and request one; just be sure to do your research first to ensure it will be helpful!

If you are uncertain whether your guest post will appeal to its target audience, try writing for an established author in your industry and writing their blog. This will give you an idea of their audience size and needs – this information can help tailor pitch and content according to that blog’s specific requirements.

Social Media

Finding blogs that accept guest posts is possible using various techniques. Search websites with pages listing submission guidelines; use advanced Google search operators (e.g., “guest post” plus topical keywords); or use Ahrefs to locate those with high DR metrics or traffic – however, just because their DR metrics or traffic levels may appear high doesn’t guarantee quality websites – they could just be poorly engineered farms sites disguised as legitimate blogs.

Joining social media communities related to your niche and networking with bloggers can also help you locate blogs accepting guest posts. Although this approach might take more time and energy initially, the potential payoff will become apparent over time: creating relationships with marketers within the industry while increasing acceptance rates of future guest posts could make all the difference!

An effective way of finding blogs that accept guest posts is by searching sites with many social shares – this may indicate that their posts are engaging and will draw in a broad audience. Check for links in their author bio that lead elsewhere online, such as other blogs, social media pages, or business websites – this allows you to contact them and pitch your idea directly – they should likely approve if it fits within their audience’s needs and would make great content!


Are You Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) Yourself? Guest blogging could be the key to improving SEO rankings and online visibility while increasing credibility by appearing as an authority and creating valuable backlinks at the same time.

One effective method of finding blogs that accept guest posts is using a keyword search tool. Search a specific term relevant to your niche and review results – look out for posts written well and providing value to readers; authors who share similar values or personas should also be considered, making your search much simpler! When you find something suitable, it might be worth reaching out directly to the author to see about writing guest post content for them.

Many larger websites that accept guest posts provide guidelines on their websites; smaller sites might not. Still, it’s advisable to read their guest post guidelines for any information you might need before pitching a guest post pitch. You could also use advanced search operators like “guest post” or “write for us.” Once you have a list of potential websites in mind, analyze their metrics in order to assess if these are quality blogs or glorified farm sites.

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