Best Facebook Video Downloader HD


Facebook users often utilize various tools to download videos from the platform, some of which are free while others require subscription fees; such tools as FB Video Saver, FileMaster, and iTube may all be handy when trying to watch content offline.

FB Video Saver is an efficient and fast online Facebook HD video downloader supporting multiple other websites for private video downloads. Available for Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS systems.

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GetfVid is a website that makes downloading Facebook videos in HD and MP4 easy, fast and requires no software or plugins – supporting multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac OSX, and mobile phones.

Though several websites offer this service, most require installing extensions or software – not ideal for people seeking to keep their computers free from malware and viruses. Furthermore, this method cannot download Facebook private videos – these services should only be used to save public videos to avoid accidentally downloading copyrighted material.


GIFF is an image file format supporting up to 256 colors, making it a popular alternative to JPEG for storing images online and widely adopted in the US. GIFF is also supported by many browsers and email clients – such as Apple Mail.

Giff is broad-shouldered folk with hippo features who tower above most other races and sport smooth skin or bristles on their faces and heads. Proud of their military history, many tattoos themselves with medals they have earned during the battle; as mercenaries, however, they will comply with any orders from higher-ranking Giff without question or protest.


This app lets you save posts with images, videos, and GIFs without leaving Facebook. Plus, it’s free! Plus, it works from both computers and web browsers alike!

Social media apps rarely enable users to download photos or videos from other accounts, yet this feature remains useful. Luckily, Twitter video downloaders make this easier.

AnySave is easy to use; all it requires is visiting a Twitter post with a video you’d like to download, copying the video link, and pasting it into its search box; once recognized by AnySave, a download prompt will appear.


If you need an app that lets you easily download videos from various websites, iDownloader could be just what you’re searching for. With its multiple file download capability and file management systems, this software makes downloading videos from many sources a snap – not to mention cloud services such as GDrive, Dropbox, and OneDrive support!

This free video downloader for iPhone and iPad makes it easier to save your favorite clips while browsing the web to watch them offline without using up mobile data or network connectivity. Compatible with Apple’s AirDrop feature for sharing videos among nearby devices. Plus, its VPN service ensures your data remains safe.


FileVid is another user-friendly plug-and-play tool, capable of downloading Facebook videos in standard and high quality with its browser extension, all while boasting an intuitive user experience and lightweight design that makes it suitable for use on any device.

This tool supports all Facebook videos, both public and private. It works well on mobile devices and boasts excellent features, like converting video files to MP3s. Best of all, it doesn’t interfere with your Facebook browsing experience!

This tool offers a free online platform that makes downloading Facebook videos of high quality easy. Simply copy-paste their URL into the box provided and hit download to get your files.