Best Anesthesiologists in Denver


Denver ranks first for anesthesiologists with one to seven years of experience and also offers higher compensation to anesthesiologists holding master’s degrees or higher degrees.

USAP, the nation’s largest anesthesia-focused physician services company, targets attractive geographic markets by partnering with top quality groups. Their unique partnership model empowers physicians to share clinical and practice support expertise and resources for long-term success.

Dr. Jason Krutsch

An anesthesiologist who provides exceptional care as either primary physician or consultant for patients experiencing acute, chronic and/or cancer pain both hospital- and outpatient-based is known as an anesthesiologist.

Pain medicine specialists who are adept at diagnosing and treating various painful conditions, such as headaches, backaches, joint pain and more. Utilizing cutting edge technology and an integrative approach, Denver’s best anesthesiologists will treat you with respect and dignity.

He will also give you all of the necessary information, enabling you to make an informed decision regarding treatment options for your condition and an individualized treatment plan that best meets your needs. He is accepting new patients and offers treatments from medications to surgery.

What sets this doctor apart is his comprehensive medical knowledge, keen eye for detail and ability to put your needs before anything else. His outstanding bedside manner is evidenced by being recognized by his peers as one of the top anesthesiologists in Denver for many consecutive years.

He graduated from the University of Colorado School of Medicine and completed an anesthesiology residency at the renowned University of Colorado Denver Medical Center. His practice specializes in pain management techniques such as nerve blocks, injections and spinal surgery – Centura Health has professionally associated him since 1994 and over 24 years have gone by since starting up their practice with him.

Dr. Peter Rowe

Denver’s best anesthesiologists boast extensive knowledge and experience in their field, while being fully committed to ongoing training and education – two elements which make them invaluable members of any pain management team.

Dr. Peter Rowe stands out among Denver anesthesiologists as one of their premier anesthesiologists, with extensive clinical experience and an impressive body of published work, particularly related to chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). He takes an interest in ME/CFS.

He earned both his undergraduate and medical degrees at Trinity College, University of Toronto; McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario was his destination for medical training. Following this residency program he performed his fellowship within the Robert Wood Johnson General Pediatric Academic Development Program.

His research is focused on the physiological factors that contribute to chronic fatigue. These include circulatory dysregulation, allergic disorders, joint laxity, biomechanical strain and neuroanatomic problems.

Dr. Rowe has also published numerous articles regarding orthostatic intolerance (POTS), an issue affecting many ME/CFS patients. While POTS was once dismissed as simply another symptom of ME/CFS, recent discoveries by Dr. Rowe demonstrate it may actually be its main source.

Due to his work, Dr. Miller has helped improve the lives of thousands of ME/CFS patients and is frequently invited as a conference speaker.

Dr. Moghim

Dr. Robert Moghim stands out among Denver anesthesiologists as one of the best. Specializing in both anesthesia and pain management, he provides comprehensive care to his patients.

He provides care in both hospital and ambulatory settings, working closely with other specialists to meet patient care needs.

His practice encompasses pain management before, during and after surgical procedures as well as helping patients deal with chronic conditions or injuries that cause discomfort.

As well as treating medical issues, Dr. Hajjar speaks English, Haitian Creole, Swahili, Swedish, and Urdu fluently and is board-certified in anesthesiology and pain medicine.

He can often be found reading or writing about healthcare policy and politics in his free time, drawing an impressive following due to his unique take on controversial subjects.

He is a member of both the American Academy of Pain Medicine and National Association of Anesthesiologists. In addition, he graduated from Duke University before completing his residency training at University of Colorado Health Science Center.

Horizon Anesthesia and Pain Consultants was established by him, with him performing over 7,000 interventional procedures without any claims against them or issues reported with the National Practitioner Data Bank. Furthermore, his commitment to helping his community was evidenced through their employee-directed community outreach program S.C.O.P.E – short for Service Community Outreach Purpose Excellence – that his employee directed.