Benefits Of Pursuing PgCTL Qualification

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Want to work as a teacher in an international country? But don’t have the required qualification? Don’t worry. All you need to do is pursue the PgCTL course. This particular teaching course, Professional Certificate in Teaching and Learning (PgCTL), is a UK 6-level school-based teacher qualification. It is specifically designed to help the teachers who already have expertise in the particular subject accelerate their professional growth by equipping them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and competence. This guide has mentioned some primary skills that educators can learn by pursuing the PgCTL course.

●   Critical thinking: Educators are usually tasked with solving different problems, often within a tight deadline. They are required to answer the difficult questions of their students on the spot in the classrooms, solve the disputes among students, deal with the problems among other staff members, and revise the updated curriculum according to different countries. The candidate has strong critical thinking skills and can solve issues quickly with the available information. The diploma teaching course might train you how to deliver lectures, but PgCTL trains teachers to solve professional problems meeting the requirements of students, education institutions, and parents. 

●   Patience: Classrooms of schools located in different countries represent a wide array of cultural backgrounds and learning abilities. In their professional career, teachers not only encounter dedicated students who contribute more to the class, but they also deal with the students causing conflicts and disruptions in the classroom. To have a successful teaching career, teachers need to handle their students patiently. Explaining concepts multiple times dealing with difficult students, colleagues, and parents requires a lot of patience. Suppose you are looking forward to establishing your teaching career in a foreign country. In that case, it is more important to pursue a PgCTL course as it will help you learn how to deal with cultured international students patiently. 

●   Creative thinking: Students, especially the younger ones, tend to get bored within a few minutes. Your creative and imaginative thinking skills will help you expand the curriculum and teach the same in interesting ways to your students. An efficient teacher should be aware of stimulating learning and engaging students in the learning process. During the PgCTL course, educators learn to incorporate different media such as music, films, the internet, etc., to illustrate the concepts to the students. 

●   Communication skills: Teachers must communicate frequently and effectively with the students to teach and solve their problems. No teacher can survive their teaching career without efficient communication skills. These skills include verbal and non-verbal communication and professional yet friendly body language. When planning to work as a teacher in an international country, it is especially a must for you to learn the local language. PgCTL is a professional teaching course that helps educators learn different communication methods in other languages. Teachers should not only learn to speak properly, but they should also be good listeners. 

●   Organizational and classroom management skills: The best quality of an effective teacher is that they can manage their study materials and the classroom filled with multiple students. A teacher needs to do many tasks in a single day, from classroom teaching to attending staff meetings and planning to deliver lessons to preparing assignments and papers. PgCTL course teaches educators the importance of being organized both physically and mentally. Also, they learn to manage the classroom so deliver lessons effectively. 

●   Time Management skills: Teaching is not a job that is confined to classrooms. Instead, it extends outside the classrooms. Almost every teacher uses their free time to schedule the lessons, formulate the grade papers and assignments, and shop for the materials required in delivering lessons in the classroom. It is essential to balance work and personal life for a healthy lifestyle, especially when teaching in a completely new country. PgCTL course guides you to the teaching strategies that can help you effectively manage your time.  

●   Technical skills: Now that there is a difference in the teaching material being used in different countries, the educators need to understand the particular study material they will teach. PgCTL acting as the professional certificate in education, makes the educators aware of the study material they will teach in the specific country. Now that traditional classrooms are transforming into digital ones, every teacher must learn to perform basic technical responsibilities such as using Microsoft Office and smartboards. It will help them do regular tasks, including formulating worksheets, interactive exercises, maintaining educational records, etc. If a specific subject requires certain technical skills, the same are also taught under this particular course. 

●   Working as a team: Teachers do not have to deal with the students but also interact with their colleagues. They have to frequently attend staff meetings to plan effective curricula and practices for the students. PgCTL course refines the teachers to feel confident and thus, effectively work with others as a strong team no matter if others have different opinions. 

●   Emotional intelligence: The behavior of teachers majorly affects the mindset of the students. Having emotional intelligence skills helps the teachers understand their students better and identify their emotions and thoughts. During the PGCL course, educators build a sense of emotional intelligence, helping them know their strengths and weaknesses. 

Wrapping it up

Apart from the skills mentioned above, the PgCTL course mainly lets the educators learn about different teaching methodologies and strategies, which further helps them become efficient teachers. The main aim of this specific teaching course is to equip the educators with the latest teaching skills to teach the students productively. It is to be kept in mind that PgCTL is not for every teacher, and this course should be pursued by one who is seeking growth in their teaching career or planning to teach abroad. 

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