Battling for Supremacy: The Fiercest Racing Bikes in India


Ask people about their hobbies, and they will discuss racing and bikes. They will explain all the thrills they feel when riding a motorcycle on an open road, the wind in the air, the sun shining brightly, and the happiness and freedom they feel. There is no comparison! And so this hobby encouraged the bike manufacturers to step up and build racing bikes in India that could dominate the roads. Here we have made a list of the fiercest racing bikes in India that you can consider investing in! Read on to find out more!

Check Out the All-New- Bajaj Pulsar 250 Dual Channel ABS 

For all those who want to own a void that can outperform any other bike on the road, the Pulsar 250 Dual Channel ABS is the answer. The all-black motorcycle is one of the highest-selling racing bikes in India. The anti-skid braking technology gives the rider precision control and safety from avoidable accidents. The Pulsar 250 Dual Channel ABS has two variants- Pulsar N250 and Pulsar F250.

racing bikes in India

Bajaj Pulsar 250 Dual Channel ABS

Now this racing bike in India sounds like a perfect deal. The 249.07cc engine and 14 liters fuel tank capacity allow the rider to accelerate and enjoy the ride. And know what? The rider won’t have to stop to check the time or fuel tank capacity as the console projects the real-time status. Moreover, the mono-shock rear suspension and telescopic front suspension allow the rider to take a long trip even in the mountains.

Rule the Racetrack with Bajaj Pulsar RS200

What key features do you look out for when buying one of India’s best racing bikes? Wait, does it sound like this- ABS braking system, advanced liquid cooling engine, brilliant precision and control, under a budget, and 200cc engine capacity? Well, the Bajaj Pulsar RS200 has it all.

The mean machine was designed to take over the racetrack with a 199.5cc engine and BSVI engine. With Pulsar RS200, you get a three-color option- Burnt red, Pewter Grey and White.

racing bikes in India

Bajaj Pulsar RS200

Let us tell you what makes Pulsar RS200 one of the best racing bikes in India. The sporty bike inspired to race is equipped with telescopic suspension, and an anti-friction bush will let you balance the bike elegantly on all turns and corners. We all know the importance and beauty of balancing on a curve or taking a turn, right?

Beast on the Road but a Toy in Your Grip- Bajaj Pulsar N160

So what makes racing one of the most thrilling sports? The adrenaline rush riders feel while navigating the roads and overcoming obstacles is the key reason many people prefer racing bikes in India and around the globe. The Pulsar N160 gives the power of control to the rider with superior ABS technology- a must-have in all racing bikes in India.

racing bikes in India

Bajaj Pulsar N160

The bike is designed to be sharp and aggressive, keeping aerodynamics in mind. The single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine is equipped with an oil-cooled FI engine. The 14 liters engine is perfect for long rides. In addition, the 164.82cc engine displacement is sufficient to take over other bikes on the road. Another benefit of this bike- it is ideal for daily commutation!

What Features Should You Look Out for While Selecting a Racing Bike?

There are several factors you, as a rider, will have to consider while you navigate through the vast market of racing bikes in India. Some of the key elements are-

  1. The frame of a racing bike should be lightweight and stiff to maximize power transfer.
  2. Check out the group set. The group set involves collecting gears, shifters, brakes, and other combines of the bike’s drivetrain.
  3. Racing bike wheels should be lightweight and aerodynamic to reduce rolling resistance and improve speed.
  4. Thin, lightweight tires with a high thread count will offer the lowest rolling resistance and the best handling on the road.
  5. A racing bike should fit you properly to ensure maximum comfort and efficiency. Consider factorstube’sthe top tube’handlebars’he handlebars’ height and the saddle position.
  6. Racing bikes typically have ABS brakes, which offer good stopping power while remaining lightweight.
  7. A racing bike with aerodynamic features like an aero frame, fork, and seat post will be faster and more efficient.
  8. Finally, consider your budget when selecting a racing bike. While high-end models can offer significant performance advantages, they may only be necessary for some. Set a realistic budget and look for the best bike you can afford within that range.

Buy Your Racing Bike in India from Bajaj Auto 

Now that you have the options mentioned above, you can browse through them and find out which bike suits your needs the best. All these bikes are launched by Bajaj Auto, one of the leading bike manufacturers in India. You can visit the Bajaj Auto website or the dealership near you to book a test drive! So, what are you waiting for? Head on to the website today!

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