A Watch Shop Near Me in Kolkata


Boutiques provide watches to match every suit or cuff style imaginable – plus exceptional sports watches for more active individuals!

Apple Watches can become susceptible to scratches and other damage that can be difficult to fix; therefore, it is wise to contact an Apple Watch repair shop in Kolkata & Howrah as soon as you detect these issues.

Titan Watches

Titan has long been associated with quality watches. Their wide variety of products includes men’s, ladies’, and kids’ eyes; additionally, they provide services like warranty check and repair and online and offline stores where you can visit to get them repaired or obtain new batteries for your watch.

The Titan Smart Pro resembles most conventional wristwatches and supports standard 20mm watch straps. Its polycarbonate case contains a raised module for housing the various sensors found within, while its rear features pogo connectors for charging this smartwatch. Furthermore, it includes an altimeter and compass to indicate where you currently are on an adventure; additionally, it has a barometer to gauge atmospheric pressure within its surroundings.

Since introducing affordable smartwatches, established watch brands have had difficulty competing with budget devices. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for premium devices – and the Titan Smart Pro hopes to fill this void with its premium features.

It features an aluminum body and offers exceptional build quality while remaining light and comfortable to wear for extended periods. The watch boasts an AMOLED display with a circular design, responsive display response time, outstanding touch sensitivity, and dust/water resistance.

Titan Smart Pro differs from more expensive smartwatches by not providing actionable notifications; rather it simply displays any messages received on your phone on its display screen. This limitation makes Titan less valuable than its competition in helping manage daily tasks more effectively.

Smartwatches can be affordable and practical for tracking health and fitness without breaking the bank. Their attractive designs, comfortable wearability, and outstanding battery life all contribute to its appeal, but basic software features and poor display quality take away some of this value.

Titan Jewellery

Titan Jewellery has announced a return to Kolkata by opening a flagship store. This high-end showroom will provide customers with an exceptional world-class jewelry retail experience, featuring traditional and contemporary wedding-season jewelry, exclusive high-value diamond units, and more.

Rivaah, Mia, and Aveer are three sub-brands known for their craftsmanship and innovative designs, featuring rings, earrings, pendants, and necklaces made of gold, diamonds, or polki for various occasions and needs – perfect for India! Their distinct collections reflect this diversity. Their offerings span rings, earrings, pendants, and gold, diamonds, or polki necklaces that showcase unique and customized collections tailored specifically for Indian women’s needs.

Established in 1994, Titan boasts over 175 boutiques across 99 cities with a wide range of jewelry suitable for every budget and taste. You can purchase gifts for yourself or others through Titan’s user-friendly platform, with significant return/exchange policies in place.

This jeweler is one of the most well-known in Kolkata, known for their high quality yet reasonably priced jewelry made of pure gold that’s highly durable and sold across various stores, including their flagship store on Camac Street and Serampore (both quite grand in their rights), where customers come out in droves during festive or wedding seasons to shop there.

Titan Gariahat Road showroom is an expansive space filled with jewelry pieces for you to peruse. Titan is known for their exquisite designs, so finding your ideal work should not be an issue. Their friendly staff makes your experience pleasant as you discover precisely what you’re searching for.

Franck Muller

Franck Muller has made an instantaneous impact in the world of luxury watches. His timepieces combine innovative designs with bold artistic flare, often distinguished by their distinctive shapes. Wearable for any special event or casual wear alike, their complex mechanisms and intricate details make these watches ideal for watch lovers everywhere. Franck Muller also stands out due to their extensive collaborations with prominent organizations and events, reaching new audiences while spreading the word about his products and increasing brand recognition.

Since 1991, this company has been known for creating innovative and luxurious watches. Established in 1991, they quickly earned an impeccable reputation due to their distinctive aesthetics – known for popular collections such as Crazy Hours, Double Mystery, and Aeternitas Mega watches. Each year, the brand hosts numerous world premieres to unveil new creations.

Franck Muller began his career as a pocket watch restorer before developing his collection of wristwatches. While still in his 20s, Franck presented complex movement watches to private clients; at that time, it was considered a revolutionary move and quickly attracted collectors’ interest.

Since then, the brand has flourished into an expansive line of timepieces. Beyond traditional collections and limited edition watches, the brand offers exceptional timepieces created in partnership with well-known artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs – highlighting its creativity in producing one-of-a-kind timepieces.

Timepieces from this brand combine modern trends with classical watchmaking techniques. Both men’s and women’s models from their collection stand out with their design and style, with Cintree Curvex pieces being particularly iconic. Additionally, this company is an innovator in complex watches with innovative innovations like their first tri-axial tourbillon and Giga Tourbillon among their impressive list of complications.

Alongside their luxury watches, the brand maintains a prominent social media presence. Their Facebook page boasts over 500,000 followers – one of the most-followed luxury watch pages online – while they also carry an Instagram account where they post updates about new watches or promotions.

The Prime Luxury Watch Boutique

If you’re searching for a watch shop near me in Kolkata, The Prime Luxury Watch Boutique may be just what you’re after. They offer an impressive selection of watches at very reasonable prices, from modern designs to classic looks, and even some limited-edition pieces that will turn heads!

No doubt, there are iconic watch brands with long histories that charge premium prices, yet not everyone can afford these expensive timepieces. Breda offers reasonably priced luxury watches; its classic-contemporary styles create a distinctive look. Built to stand the test of time, they should last you for years.

Prime Luxury Watch Boutique in Kolkata is an excellent option for anyone searching for reliable and professional Watch Stores. Their outstanding customer service and top-of-the-line products have garnered them an average rating of 4.4 stars from customers, who also appreciate its convenient location near Howrah Bridge and Science City Kolkata.