A peek Around The Web Browsers Featured For the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Along with the iPhone 4S


One of the most enjoyable mobile phone releases in 2011 is set to face some clean competition in the shape of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The apple iphone 4S has delighted individuals since it was released in July, but the new Samsung smartphone is poised to become the most desirable phone currently available. Functioning at the web browser facilities on both of these models. To know more check on content://com.android.browser.home/.

The iPhone 4S uses the familiar Safari browser that we have seen included with previous versions of the cellphone. However, things are a little on this new model as the new iOS5 operating system has significantly improved the browser. Tabbed browsing is a standard feature, so it is not surprising to find that included on the 4S.

The device allows you to run up to 8 diverse web pages simultaneously, enabling you to film backwards and forwards between different websites. Suppose you find a  site fascinating site; you need to bookmark the particular page and add that to your Reading List to help you access it quickly later. Several modern websites are abundant with advertisements and variable media content, and the new Viewer mode is perfect for such internet sites.

When you click the icon near the top of the screen, the phone whitening strips away all of the unnecessary articles on the page, leaving an individual with a simple text file that is me that issier to read cthanthethan the. The one disadvantage of the particular Safari browser on the 4S is the fact does not support Pavement Flash files meaning that several video content cannot be looked at when browsing the web.

The particular Samsung Galaxy Nexus use the00 primary Android web browser and also looks superb on the mobile phone’s large 4. 65 half-inch display. In addition to the apparent gains gained from the large display size, the browser is also quickly thanks to the dual central processor that the model functions.

If you want to zoom to a particular segment of a website page, the Nexus enables you to start using a pinch-to-zoom procedure or double-tap the place you wish to be enlarged. That zoom feature works wonderfully, although the handset does not help you zoom in as far as the apple iphone 4S does. When observing multiple sites on this unit, the pages are revealed in a vertical list for display.

This does not feel seen as natural as the Apple cellphone, which lets you perform an apaisado swiping motion to read different pages that you have open. It is more similar to what we widely used on desktop systems, including Internet Explorer and Google Chrome,, and instantly feels more familiar than the vertical arrangement. Adobe Thumb is not even supported on this type of Android browser, so a software update will soon be manufactured to change that.

There is very little to choose between the web browsers for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone 4S. Both models offer an excellent on-the-web experience and are the perfect equipment for surfing the web even though on the move.

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