What Does an Electrical Engineering Consultant Do?


An electrical engineering consultant works closely with consulting firms and electric companies to oversee electrical projects from their design through implementation, providing expert advice to clients about which solutions best suit their projects. Read the Best info about Engineering Design & Drafting.

These providers can assist clients in saving energy costs and complying with safety codes, in addition to performing feasibility analyses and equipment testing.

Project Management

As an electrical engineering consultant, your job entails overseeing various engineering projects from their initial design through implementation. As part of your role as an electrical engineering consultant, it is imperative that you coordinate work amongst relevant parties and keep projects moving in line with schedule and specifications. Furthermore, as part of this responsibility, you must also handle tasks like reviewing equipment submittals reviewing submittals creating single-line diagrams/panel board schedules using CAD, performing voltage drop/load calculations, etc.

Facilities electrical design involves creating power distribution systems that meet a building’s energy demands. Experienced electrical engineering consultants can assist in designing a power distribution system tailored to both the current and anticipated future needs of your facility.

Electrical engineers require various tools in order to be successful at their jobs, including laptop computers and workstations, specialty equipment such as thermal imaging cameras for inspections or power quality analyzers as rentals/purchases as needed, hourly rates factor these costs in for their consulting fees while independent contractors are subject to additional taxes such as Medicare Social Security and Federal Income tax, which can quickly add up and significantly increase overall costs of their services.


Electrical engineering consultants offer design services across a broad spectrum, such as facility electrical design, generator sizing, and transformer installation for power distribution systems – which are all essential to their functioning – along with cost estimates and evaluation of your existing electrical system.

Professional electricians also take responsibility for ensuring their electrical systems will meet future technology and equipment standards. They evaluate the condition of existing equipment before offering solutions that make it safe to use – this may involve installing new wiring/circuitry or upgrading to more energy-efficient equipment.

Other design services offered by our designers include determining the size and shape of transformers, switchgear, and power distribution systems; creating load lists and one-line diagrams for distribution systems; as well as cable duct and wire schedules as well as three-dimensional model drawings.

Electrical engineering consultants offer more than general design services; they will also analyze energy usage and suggest strategies for increasing energy efficiency to save both money and reduce environmental impact. Their fees tend to be relatively low, making them an excellent way of keeping projects within budget and on schedule while offering validations at early stages that could prevent expensive errors later.


People often have the misconception that consulting firms are similar to snake oil salesmen, overcomplicating situations and charging large sums for advice that doesn’t lead anywhere. That may not always be the case – some consulting firms can be pioneers of innovation by offering services designed to increase efficiency and quality for their clients.

Electrical engineering consultants often perform an in-depth assessment and analysis of existing electrical components and wiring, helping identify areas where energy is being wasted while also meeting all safety codes. Furthermore, this process may provide recommendations for upgrades and improvements, which could save money over time.

Electrical engineering consultants also offer load estimation as a service, which involves assessing how much power a facility uses. This can help prevent overloaded breakers that cause downtime and lost productivity, as well as help plan for future growth that many businesses overlook.

Electrical and electronics engineers may also be called upon to perform root cause investigations into incidents involving electrical damage or equipment failure, ranging from kitchen toasters to large parts of an electrical distribution system. It’s an invaluable service that identifies issues that could potentially cost an organization time and money to rectify, leading to downtime or other complications for their clients.


Electrical engineering consultants offering facility electrical design services provide facility electrical design services, which include creating and planning the necessary power systems to power a building or other structure. They generate panel board schedules and conduct load-flow analyses to ensure electrical services are correctly sized, determine equipment options, create circuit breaker selections, and complete other aspects of system design tasks.

Electrical engineering consultants offer numerous other services, such as fire alarm system design, data center power solutions, and telecom infrastructure planning. Additionally, site inspections for safety, quality, and compliance issues and audits to identify any existing system issues are also performed by these professionals. Providing these essential services helps avoid downtime due to equipment failure and reduces risks of unplanned incidents occurring without warning.

Proactive consulting occurs when an engineer takes on a project before an emergency strikes, such as expanding facilities with new large power consumers or upgrading machinery. To be effective, this type of work requires careful planning and an in-depth knowledge of its technical specifications.

Reactive consultancy often requires swift action; for example, an outage at a production plant or office building that has lost power is an urgent situation that must be dealt with swiftly in order to restore service quickly while investigating to understand why something went wrong.

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