A Guide To Choosing The Best Dupatta


A dupatta is essential to your ethnic wear and adds elegance and grace to your outfit. A salwar, kurta, suit set, or lehenga choli can be easily styled with a dupatta. Additionally, you can style them in various ways, and if you know how to drape them properly, they can make a plain-looking dress look beautiful. But for that, you should choose the right one that suits the occasion and the outfit. 

Choose the Right Fabric

Dupattas can be used for various occasions and were initially worn as a sign of modesty. But now, it has become a style accessory and can be worn with various outfits. Here are some of the ideal fabrics:


If you want your dress to have a royal and vintage look, opt for silk dupattas. These can be worn with dressy or straightforward outfits, and they are naturally breathable fabrics that can be worn all year. 

Recycled Polyester Cotton

The polyester dupatta is ideal for tunics and other trendy attire in styles like the Anarkali, A-Line, regular, or flared. These dupattas also work well with traditional dress and give an elegant look. 

Cotton Silk

This is one of the most popular fabrics for a dupatta. It is lightweight, comfortable, and breathable, and can be worn throughout the year. The colour and the dye prints are permanent, do not fade quickly, and can be worn for work and casual wear. 

Cotton Tencel 

The cotton Tencel dupattas are the ideal addition to your wardrobe, where you can show your style on any occasion. Available in trendy designs, linen is an absorbent and robust material that dries fast and is comfortable to wear during the summer. 


These are made with premium quality Tencel fabrics. The silk tencel dupattas are a good option as they are versatile and lightweight when you want to dress up well. 

Types of Dupattas

Many types of dupattas are available in the market. It can be broadly classified into plain, embroidered, and printed. 

● The printed dupattas come in many subtle and colorful prints and can be used with any outfit. 

● The embroidered dupattas are often used in fusion and traditional wear. 

● The plain dupattas are lightweight and preferred for daytime wear. 

Dupattas are a great way to elevate the look of your outfit. It comes in different styles and patterns and can be draped in many ways. Shop for this clothing accessory and elevate your style. 

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