A Good Buyers Agent is Worth Their Weight in Gold


If you are a savvy investor, you will already know the advantages of hiring a Buyers Agent to do all the legwork in purchasing a property. However, here are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing one. Best way to find the buyers agent.

1. To begin with, a Buyers Advocate never represents the seller.

2. To remove the Buyer’s emotional component so that the selling agent cannot use it against the Buyer to persuade them to pay more.

3. To prevent unrepresented buyers from making poor purchasing decisions, such as purchasing properties with easements or encroachments that may negatively affect the property, such as flood-affected land, land held for a future project, new roads or tunnels, or panoramic city views that may be blocked or hidden by future developments.

Your buyers’ agents will research all of this because they have access to research and data that is not publicly available. This takes the guesswork out of buying property and puts buyers who are represented by a buyers agent ahead of other buyers because they are well-informed and are not ‘buying blind.’

4. To do all the running around – looking for, inspecting, and researching properties that might suit you and excluding those that would have wasted your time. This gives the Buyer back their evenings and their weekend family time, as family time is a very precious thing these days.

5. Buyers who do not have a Buyers Agent on their side frequently miss out on good properties because they must wait until the open house on the weekends or after they finish work to inspect it – only to discover that the property is already under contract.

6. If the market is rising, the longer it takes to find the right place, the more time and money it will cost you in the long run.

7. Your Buyer Agent has developed good relationships with local Selling Agents because they research properties every day of the week and have done so for years. Buyers and agents learn about new listings before they are made public or advertised in newspapers or on the internet. Your Buyers Agents aim to provide buyers with the first choice of high-demand properties.

8. In a slow market, your buyers’ agent may need to educate the selling agent and the sellers on the property’s “market price.” Sellers are usually delusional and out of touch with market conditions, but they still want the best price for their property (which is usually far above its worth!)

9. This gives the Buyer confidence that they will never pay more than the property’s market value.

10. To purchase the property at the lowest possible price.

11. Ensure that the contract’s terms benefit the Buyer rather than the seller.

12. To ensure the Buyer puts down a small deposit only after the sellers agree on the contract.

13. To assist and guide you after the property is under contract, ensuring that all contract conditions are met on time, liaise with your lending institution and Solicitor, and attend building and pest inspections for you. So you do not have to take time away from your daily lives to listen to the details.

14. Your Buyers Agent should be present at the pre-settlement inspection because they have the written report and took the photos for you when the property was first put under contract and will know if anything has gone missing or been damaged since then. There is much more than your Buyers Agent does when looking after the Buyer, but we would be here all day if we listed them all!

The 14 points outlined above are only some of the many reasons to seek out the services of an Accredited Buyer’s Agent. The best Buyer’s Agents never use sales talk’ or manipulative language to get a client to make an offer. In its purest form, Buyers Agency has an unbreakable alignment with truth.

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