5 Ultimate Food Supplements That Encourage Health and Well Being


As a nutritionist, biochemist, and medical scientist, I do not recommend taking independent vitamins and minerals in supplement application form unless you suffer from an exact problem requiring a specific nutrient supplementation. Learn the best info about วิตามิน.

Generally, I am a fan of balance, which cannot be achieved through supplementing with single nutrition.

However, I also do not assistance taking “multivitamin” supplements wherever minerals and vitamins are combined as one tablet. Furthermore, some nutrients should not be taken together in health supplement form because they affect every other’s absorption, for example, metal and manganese, selenium as well as zinc, iron, and zinc, selenium, and vitamin D, to name just a few. Therefore I additionally do not recommend supplementation along with “multivitamins.”

However, if you do feel you need a little more energy and even supplement your diet, here’s could recommend doing it:

My professional recommendation is to supplement with food, especially “super-foods,” which are rich in nutrients and digestive support enzymes that promote health. It is all I recommend for people having a varied diet. Although several vegans may need B-12 in case they consistently consume the unique super-foods, which I will highly recommend in a moment, even if they’ll not require supplementation with B-12 regularly.

When the human body has increased needs, for example, in pregnancy, lactation period, menstruation, or maybe during an infection, we can improve certain nutrients for assistance, but regularly supplementing using super-foods is enough to promote ongoing health.

Super-foods are called “Super” because they are exceptionally rich in nutrition.

Here is a short list of the Greatest Food Supplements That Promote Well-being and health:


A Cyanobacteria (a plant-like organism in fresh lakes and salt water, also known as a type of Blue-Green algae) with very rich proteins and nutrient content. Spirulina was also an ancient meal source for the Aztecs. It is still controversial if humans might utilize the B-12 content of Spirulina, even though, through my personal experience, this is a biologically active source about humans. I take Spirulina on an almost daily basis, and thus do all of my kids. However, there are some contradictions abo Spirulina; it should not possibly be consumed by people with PKU (because it contains phenylalanine), as well ande avoided by persons on anticoagulant medication (because of its rich vitamin supplements K content).

Spirulina is undoubtedly a fantastic super-food also considered by astronauts during good space travel. It has been recently well researched for its gains with malnourished children and people suffering from allergies, for a supplement for the elderly, as well as improving hypertension.


Chia seeds come from a fluorescence plant of the mint friends and family. The bases are highly loaded with omega three fatty acids and possess the perfect balance between omega 3 and 6 and search of fatty acids. Chia seeds, in addition, have high protein levels and a high amount of fiber. Chia seeds also have an incredible amount of calcium, including flax and sesame hybrid tomato seeds. To extract the maximum because of this super-food, I recommend milling that and adding it to your foods; it has no flavor and can be added easily to some dish. This super-food does not need to be taken as a supplement and will and should be consumed as food.

Barley and Grain grass

Barley and Grain grass are young solide at the early stage regarding the growth,. Therefore they have a completely different composition to the more mature grain or barley which are regarded as grains rather than their youthful versions, which are more similar to greens in their makeup. As these solids grow, they change from being rich in chlorophyll and minerals to being loaded with cellulose (a fiber). On their young grass level, they have very high levels of herbal antioxidants, which have been proven to help the system remove cancerous cells. They’re also rich in digestive nutrients, which help us break downn and digest foods more conveniently,y, allowing the foods’ vitamins and minerals to become more available for the particular bodies’ needs.

Barley and wheatgrass can be taken daily and are available in product form,, which I find extremely helpful when on a busy schedule.


Probiotics are microorganisms this helps us maintain a healthy balance between healthy organisms and harmful ones inside our intestinal flora. Probiotics, in addition, synthesize vitamins, including B-12, and have been proven to help you overcome the effects of stress.

They may have also been proven to have health rewards for controlling allergies, treating diarrhea, and and increasing overall health, including gum and immune system health. This is because there are so many studies that usually prove the benefits of probiotics on this health.

When you are tired, stressed out, bloated, includingation or diarrhea, or right after taking a course of antibiotics, I recommend probiotic nutritional supplements with multiple probiotic ranges. They are also crucial for babies and get now been added to many baby formulas.

I recommend going for a probiotic supplement with a bare minimum of 50 billion live ethnicities and ten beneficial probiotic strains at times of elevated stress, major life adjustments, during constipation, when you are not getting sufficient sleep, or after getting antibiotics.

Moringa oleifera

Moringa oleifera, also referred to as the drumstick tree (due to the physical appearance of its seed pods), is one of those traditional plants eaten and used as herbal remedies long before Western research recognized them. The most wholesome part of the plant, the actual leaves, can be eaten raw, baked, or even powdered and added to sauces and soups. Often the leaves can also be taken in pill form. They are rich in multivitamins B, C, and beta-carotene in addition to minerals calcium, magnesium, iron bars, potassium, and protein. However, on account of insufficient research, it is at this time not recommended during pregnancy.

Moringa leaves contain several thousand moments more of the powerful anti-aging fertilizing zeatin, which has more anti-maturing properties on human body fibroblasts than any other well-known plant. In addition, moringa leaves may also be known to help prevent cancer simply by killing cancer cells and stopping tumor growth due to unique antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer compounds.

Studies in rats showed that Moringa leaves could reduce blood sugar levels within just 3 hours of ingesting the leaves and also guard the liver. Due to this, Moringa also helps control appetite!

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