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In 1894, Swami Sri Yukteswar made two startling predictions in his e-book the Holy Science: “matter will likely be discovered to be power” and “our solar has a twin star”. Einstein proved the primary prediction true in 1905 and over the course of the final century increasingly more proof is pointing to the reality of the second prediction.
Descending Kali Yuga 700BC to 500 AD.Ascending Kali yuga began in AD 500 and resulted in AD 1700.Kali Yuga or Iron age is simply 1200 12 months period in each cycle.
The e-book, The Holy Science, combines the astrological eras with time intervals which are described in historical Hindu works, notably the Manusmriti 1.69,1.70,1.71,1.72
MANU a fantastic Rishi [ illuminated sage] of SATYA YUGA,
describes these YUGAS extra clearly within the following passage from Manusmriti
” Chatvaryahu: sahstrani varshanantu KRITAM YUGAM;
tasya tavachhati sandyam Sandhyamshch tathavidh: .
etareshu sasandheyeshu sasandhyamsheshu cha trishu;
ekapayen vartante sahastrani shatani cha.
yadetat parisankhyatmadaveva CHATURYUGAM;
etad Dawadassahastram Devanam yugamuchyate.
Devikanam yuganantu sahastram parisankhyaya
BRAHMmekmahrgyeyam tavati ratrireva cha.
[ Reproduced from page 13 & 14 By Yogananda’s guru SWAMI YUKTESHWAR Giri’s THE HOLY SCIENCE ] ” 4000 years , they are saying , is the KRITI YUGA [Satya yuga or the golden age of the world ].
Its morning twilight has simply has many a whole bunch, and its interval of night nightfall is of the identical size [i.e. 400 + 4000 + 400 = 4800 ].
Manu says :
Within the different three YUGAS with there morning and night twilights ,the 1000 and the hundred
decreased by one [i.e. 300 + 3000 + 300 ] and so on.
That 4 fold cycle comprising 12000 years known as an Age of the GODS.The sum of the thousand DIVINE AGES constitutes ONE DAY OF BRAHMA;and the identical lent is its evening.Thus the time interval of four YUGAS are :
SATYA YUGA = 400+ 4000 + 400 = 4800 Years.
DWAPER YUGA = 200+2000 + 200 = 2400 Years
KALI YUGA = 100 + 1000 +100 = 1200 Years
12000 YEARS, THE SUM TOTAL OF ALL PERIODS OF THESE four YUGAS IS THE LENGTH OF THE DAIVA YUGAS or electrical couple, two of which, that’s 24000 years make the ELECTRIC CYCLE COMPLETE.
Sri Yukteswar (10 Might 1855 – 9 March 1936)describes an attention-grabbing variant of the Hindu concept of ages. In line with him,…the solar, with its planets and their moons, takes some star for its twin and revolves round it in about 24,000 years of our earth-a celestial phenomenon which causes the backward motion of the equinoctial factors across the zodiac. The solar additionally has one other movement by which it revolves spherical a grand middle known as Vishnunabhi, which is the seat of the inventive energy, Brahma, the common magnetism. Brahma regulates dharma, the psychological advantage of the interior world.

Yukteswar goes on to clarify that the solar’s 24,000 12 months revolution round its companion star takes the solar progressively nearer, after which progressively additional away from the mystic middle Vishnunabhi. In his system, dharma will increase as we strategy Vishnunabhi and reduces as we draw away from it. The cycle of yugas takes place twice in every 24,000 12 months revolution. Because the solar recedes from Vishnunabhi, the ages go within the standard order: Satya, Treta, Dvapara, Kali. Because the solar approaches Vishnunabhi, the ages go within the reverse order: Kali, Dvapara, Treta, Satya.

This video is predicated on Hindu scripture and Sri Yukteshwar’s well-known e-book Holy Science.His Yuga and time-lines correction has been accepted by scientist world large and has been verified utilizing the Hindu scripture and in addition Historic proof.Binary Lab has been discovering the binary star round which our solar revolves as defined by Sri Yukteshwar.

Particulars of Mahavtar Babaji(Kalki) is given within the e-book Autobiography of a Yogi
Nikola Tesla used historical Sanskrit terminology in his descriptions of pure phenomena. As early as 1891 Tesla described the universe as a kinetic system stuffed with power which might be harnessed at any location. His ideas throughout the next years have been significantly influenced by the teachings of Swami Vivekananda. Swami Vivekananda was the primary of a succession of japanese yogi’s who introduced Vedic philosophy and faith to the west. After assembly the Swami and after continued research of the Japanese view of the mechanisms driving the fabric world, Tesla started utilizing the Sanskrit phrases Akasha, Prana, and the idea of a luminiferous ether to explain the supply, existence and development of matter. .
By the 12 months 1891,after the top of Kali Yuga, Nikola Tesla had invented many helpful gadgets. These included a system of arc lighting (1886), the alternating present motor, energy technology and transmission techniques (1888), techniques {of electrical} conversion and distribution by oscillatory discharges (1889), and a generator of excessive frequency currents (1890), to call a number of.


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