Wrong Fuel In Car Rescue


Putting in the wrong fuel can be an expensive mistake; annually in the UK alone, there are 150,000 misfuelling incidents. The Interesting Info about Wrong Fuel In Car Rescue.

It can happen for various reasons. But, most often, it occurs because people are distracted or preoccupied while filling their cars up.

What to do if you’ve misfuelled your car?

Misfueling is an all too often mistake, often occurring without us even realizing it. It could happen while filling up your vehicle for the first time or being distracted at the pumps.

Misfueling a car involves several steps that must be taken immediately to restore proper engine operation. First and foremost, locate a safe place to stop before turning the key of your engine and attempting to start it up again.

Call your breakdown company or recovery service and request that they send a team to drain and flush your fuel tank before refilling it with clean diesel.

Dependent upon the extent of engine damage, drain, and fuel replacement services could cost between PS190 to PS5,000 and will typically involve roadside assistance companies like the RAC or AAA for completion within hours.

What to do if your car won’t start

Fueling up with the wrong type can cause severe engine and fuel system damage – according to Automobile Association (AA) estimates. Around 150,000 drivers make this mistake each year in the UK alone!

Luckily, correcting a fuel mix-up is usually straightforward.

Start by finding a safe place and then stop. Never attempt to start your engine, as this will circulate contaminated fuel through its system, leading to further issues.

Once your vehicle has stopped, use either a siphon or manual method to drain its fuel tank to prevent any excess from further harming its systems. This will also protect future drivers in case any of its fuel leaks into their systems and cars that could use additional help with maintaining optimal performance.

Next, call for help from specialists like Wrong Fuel In Car Rescue, who will arrive quickly to your breakdown location to drain and flush away the incorrect fuel, leaving only clean gasoline of the right type behind.

What to do if you’ve misfuelled your car with diesel

Misfueling a vehicle is an all too frequent misstep – approximately 150,000 British adults make this mistake yearly! Although easy enough, misusing fuel can have serious repercussions and even prove fatal.

Misfuelling a diesel vehicle is much simpler than misfuelling one with petrol due to the larger diesel pump nozzle and filler neck size.

Diesel acts as a lubricant to make the fuel pump run more efficiently; however, when mixed with petrol, it creates additional problems for your engine.

Damage to a fuel pump could mean the need for replacement, while pipes, filters, and tanks could also become compromised.

If this mistake has happened to you, contact a breakdown company immediately so they can drain the fuel tank and transport your vehicle to an experienced mechanic. RAC Mobile Repair team members may also help provide this service, so you don’t have to deal with this process alone.

What to do if you’ve misfuelled your car with petrol

One of the most costly mistakes drivers can make is filling their car up with incorrect fuel, often within seconds and at considerable expense.

At times it can be easy to make this mistake when distracted or in a rush, but there are ways you can prevent this mistake from occurring. First, reduce distractions while fuelling and put reminders around the car, like stickers inside the fuel cap or post-it notes attached to its door as reminders.

Stoppers designed to fit inside filler necks will also work to stop narrower petrol nozzles from holding; it is an inexpensive and effective solution.

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