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Why am I NOT a Feminist? A query too many individuals have requested me & argued with me over. That is my very concise reply –

As a result of all feminists are hypocrites. That very phrase has stopped carrying any which means!

In case you are a feminist, you’ll care concerning the rights & empowerment of ALL girls, no matter caste, creed, faith, age, financial background, vote financial institution, political inclination and so on.

However that’s not how feminists function. They use that tag to hawk larger, extra evil agendas. Lots of improper is finished to the society within the garb of feminism.

I’m neither a feminist, nor a chauvinist, nor any kind of “-ist”
I care about empowering all beings, together with animals.

PS: Please excuse the technical glitch of my gaze barely off from the digicam! Was an error. I converse in a circulation so I didn’t wish to do a retake.

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