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Why are there only a few Brahma Temples


In most cultures, the god who created this world is worshipped extensively, nevertheless Hinduism is just a little unusual. In Hinduism Brahma is claimed to have created the world and but this god isn’t worshipped by Hindus. Why? You’ll have a solution to this query by the tip of this video.

Within the Hindu trinity of Gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, Brahma is the creator of this world, Vishnu is the sustainer and Shiva is the destroyer. There are quite a few temples devoted to Vishnu and Shiva, however only a few for Brahma. The one well-known one is the Brahma temple in Pushkar Rajasthan. It’s fairly unusual that there are much more temples in Hinduism devoted to Shiva who’s the destroyer of this world and virtually nothing for Brahma, who’s the creator. Going by the western Judeo Christian custom, one would anticipate Shiva to be just like the Devil, who ought to be averted and Brahma to be the God, who provides life, however for some motive Hindus appear to do the other! Why?

To grasp the explanation for it, it is advisable to perceive the best way Hinduism views the world. The western Judeo Christian custom appears to be like at world on the surface, whereas Hindu custom appears to be like on the world on the insi de. I believe this may be just a little complicated so let me elaborate. All of you should have seen the film matrix, if not then please watch it, it’s a nice film and portrays this side fantastically. Within the film we’re proven the futuristic world the place machines have taken over the world and people have been enslaved. The machines maintain people inside a pod hooked up to a pc. This pc creates an phantasm for the people that they’re residing in a traditional world, whereas in actuality they’re simply dreaming. In different phrases the world that these people expertise is barely inside their mind. Hinduism appears to be like on the world with this angle.

Within the trendy occasions because of the dominance of the European tradition, the worldview is that of exterior world, and it would seem to you that the Hindu worldview is simply mysticism and fantasy, however don’t be so fast to discard it. There may be a variety of knowledge on this perspective. The identical factor can seem very totally different for various folks, for instance a portray can look stunning to at least one particular person and ugly to different. An individual may seem good to at least one particular person and dangerous to the opposite. That’s the reason in Hinduism the world is known as Maya, as we don’t see the fact, as an alternative we simply see the world from our personal viewpoint. Since our viewpoint is influenced by our personal wishes, prejudices and opinion it is vitally troublesome for us to know the fact.

Subsequently the world we expertise actually does exists solely inside our mind, separate from the actual world. I like to recommend watching the film Rashomon by Akira Kurusawa, it fantastically portrays this phenomenon, the place the identical occasion is portrayed repeatedly from totally different folks’s perspective. Hinduism doesn’t deny the existence of the actual world outdoors, it warns you to watch out to not take into account the world you expertise as absolutely the fact.

Okay so now that now we have understood this distinction, lets return to the film matrix, the place the protagonist Neo is obtainable a blue capsule and a purple capsule. Blue capsule will maintain Neo in his dreamy state with out realizing the fact, whereas purple capsule will awaken him and he’ll understand the reality. Consider Brahma because the blue capsule and Shiva because the purple capsule. Brahma will create this illusory world for Neo, whereas Shiva will destroy this world and make Neo understand the reality. That’s the reason Shiva is worshipped in Hinduism and Brahma isn’t.

Should you worship Brahma then you definitely wish to keep in your personal world, entangled in your personal wishes, prejudices and opinions, attempting to manage this world, whereas in the event you worship Shiva then you’ll destroy your illusions and have a look at this world objectively by means of the lens of actuality, with none prejudices and preconcept


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