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Who Is Supreme Between Lord Shiva and Vishnu?- philosophy शिव और विष्णु मे बड़ा कौन ??- फिलॉसोफी


On this video i described about comparision lord shiva and lord vishnu in accordance with the hindu mythology and hindu shashtra and that i additionally described that who’s supreme between lord shiva and vishnu??? vishnu and kriashna are additionally similar so meaning Who’s supreme between lord krishna and shiva additionally. What our shastra purana says about this .Based on our mythology additionally lord vishnu worships shiva however shiva worships none so why vishnu doesn’t worship?? as a result of lord shiva is the supreme in accordance with stiries of the purana . This video is predicated on philosophy on relation between lord shiva and vishnu. Our shashtra says that Lord shiva is the Supreme in contrast with lord vishnu and brahma-shiva and vishnuhas a trinity.Based on our shashtra shiva and vishnu each are one andthe similar with one another.There isn’t a differene between lord shiva and lord krishna / lord vishnu.
इस वीडियो मे दर्शाया गया है की भगवान शिव और विष्णु मे बड़ा कौन है, हमारे पुराण और शास्त्र इस पर क्या कहते है यही बात का वर्णन किया गया है


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