What is the cost of living in Pune?


Living in a metropolitan city like Pune is very difficult in this age of inflation. Everything from accommodation to feeding yourself in a metropolitan city like Pune is difficult. In such a situation, it is very important to provide that if you have to choose between living in such a kind of city, you will have to make a proper kind of budget to manage your expenses and even your savings. Many people try to live in such a place even because of their job or further studies. 

Consideration of the components of the cost of living 

In such a situation, it has to be concluded that even if you are a resident of Pune in the first place, then you will have to take into consideration different types of factors for managing your cost of living. But before understanding the management of the cost of living, it is important to calculate the total cost of living in Pune for a normal family. This article will calculate the average expenditure required on different necessities of human life. The detail has been given as follows. 

Expenditure on Accommodation

If you want to live on rent in a decent flat in the metropolitan city of Pune, then the average monthly expenditure would be somewhere around 25000 to 30000. This amount can be increased or decreased depending upon different types of factors. For example, a 1 BHK flat on rent in Pune in a good locality can cost around 30000. 

But at the same point in time, a 1bhk furnished flat for rent in Pune in an average locality will be causing somewhere around 15,000. In addition, this expenditure can be enhanced if the flat’s size is huge. Even if you want to live on your property, you will have to purchase a plot, construct a property, or even purchase a flat. That would be causing you very high initially.

Expenditure on food

The second most important necessity of human life is food. You cannot live without this necessity, and of course, when you are in Pune, you will have to spend a huge amount of money on this. 

Even the necessities would be costing you somewhere around 10 to 15 thousand per month. In addition, if you visit expensive restaurants and cafeterias for your entertainment purposes, then your monthly expenditure on all that is likely to increase by a great value. This expenditure on food is a necessity and cannot be avoided at any cost in the city. 

Expenditure on travelling

Another important kind of expenditure that has affected the expenses and the cost of living in Pune has been the cost of travelling. It is important to mention that different types of colleges and corporate offices in Pune are usually located very far. In such a situation, it becomes important to provide that most people prefer travelling with the help of local transportation such as Metro and local trains, including autos and local buses. 

Despite charging the minimum amount of money, these modes of transportation try to enhance the ultimate expenditure of the travelling person. It is somewhere likely to be around 5 to 6 thousand. In addition, even if you have your vehicle, the cost of petrol would make it very difficult for you to manage your expenses because it will approximately get Hai up to rupees 10000 per month. 

Expenditure of recreational activities

If you live in a wonderful place like Pune, after the workload of the entire week, you would always prefer to party a lot. You will go to parties and clubs and expensive malls for shopping. You will also eat your favourite Pizzas from expensive Pizza chains like Dominos and Pizza Hut. You will even watch a movie on the weekend or drink with your best friend. 

At least you would be able to afford a good dinner at an expensive place with your beloved. In such a situation, the expenditures on the recreational activities are likely to get in hand, and at least cost is rupees 7 to 8000 per month. This cost is likely to increase if you also spend money on undertaking different trips to different places such as Goa or any hill station like Manali.

The average cost of living

So technically, it can be concluded that a single month for a working person to sustain in Pune in some ways ends up to rupees 70 to 80 thousand per month. It is important to mention that this is the essential segment of the cost of living in Pune, which can only be increased with increasing income and decreasing expenditures. You cannot compromise on the expenditures such as good accommodation and good food, including even your travelling. 


That is why you can ultimately limit your expenses on recreational activities by avoiding visiting expensive places for some time. In such a situation it has to be ultimately said that this is the best you can make out of for yourself and reduce the expenditure to the minimum of rupees 50000 per month. But always remember that you even have to save for yourself and your family from this expenditure.

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