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What’s Hindu faith all about [Sanatana Dharma]


what’s Hindu faith all about Sanatana Dharma

what’s hindu faith all about Sanatana Dharma

Hinduism is all about ?

Sanatana Dharma OverSimplified

Hinduism is also known as Sanatana Dharma, a Sanskrit phrase which means “the everlasting regulation”.
Hinduism is the world’s third hottest faith, with round 750 million followers.
The faith of Hinduism originated in Northern India, close to the river Indus,
about 4000 years in the past and is the world’s oldest current faith.
Hinduism is practiced by greater than 80% of India’s inhabitants.
Hinduism has no founder, it developed out of Brahminism.
Hinduism is the oldest faith, it might date to prehistoric occasions.
Aum is the primary image of Hinduism. It’s the sound heard within the deepest meditation.
It’s mentioned to be the title most fitted to God.
The phrase “Hindu” comes from the title of the river Indus,
which flows 1800 miles from Tibet via Kashmir and Pakistan to the ocean.
Hindus imagine that there’s a a part of Brahman in everybody and that is referred to as the Atman.
Hindus imagine in reincarnation.
Samsara means going via the cycle of repeated births and deaths (reincarnation).
Hindus imagine that the existence of this cycle is ruled by Karma.
The Hindu constructing Communal worship is known as Mandir (Hindu Temple).
Probably the most historic sacred texts of the Hindu faith are written in Sanskrit and referred to as the Vedas.
The Hindu Holy Scriptures are The Vedas, The Upanisads, The Smrutis
, Ramayana, Mahabharata, and the Puranas.
The 4 Vedas are Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda, Atharva-Veda.
Pilgrimage is necessary to Hindus.
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what’s Hindu faith all about Sanatana Dharma

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