What is a Reclaim Catcher?


Reclaim from dabbing sessions has become the latest trend, providing users opportunities for future use and consumption. For example, reclaimed products can be used as smokeable tobacco, seasoning nails, or stored away for future use in concentrate jars. The actual Interesting Info about Reclaim Catchers.

Reclaim catchers are an indispensable addition to any dab rig, helping keep it free of debris and clutter. Read on to gain more knowledge about this helpful accessory.

What is a Reclaim Catcher?

Reclaim catchers are used by dabbers to catch any loose chunks of concentrate that fall off during their dabbing sessions. It consists of a drop-down attachment with a silicone chamber designed to collect unvaporized oil for reuse later.

Utilizing a reclaim catcher prevents waste from coating your rig or becoming trapped within its joints and other parts. In addition, cleaning becomes much simpler and less time-consuming with its help; for heavy dabbers, this accessory can save them the hassle of spending extra time each time they use their rig.

Reclaim catchers are generally constructed out of glass and feature either male or female joints to connect to bangers. To achieve an ideal fit, select one with joints of equal size to your rig’s. Furthermore, there is an array of shapes and sizes to choose from to find one suitable to your needs.

How Does a Reclaim Catcher Work?

Reclaim catchers serve a crucial function: they collect the usable product that sneaks past your banger into your dab rig. Reclaim catchers usually consist of silicone attachments for attaching at the bottom of your banger, or there may even be glass bangers designed with built-in reclaim catchers incorporated. So instead of seeping into its neck and clogging your dab rig with excess residue, your reclaim will be collected in an easy-to-use dish ready to enjoy later.

Attach a nail or banger to the Reclaim Catcher joint and dab as usual; your reclaimed resin will automatically collect in its collection chamber for later harvesting. From there, you have multiple harvesting options: using it again in another dab session, spreading it onto wax paper for later storage into concentrate jars, or adding it to dry herb sessions by using it in bowl or pipe sessions. Cleaning is effortless with this device which can easily be removed when done for the day.

What is the Purpose of a Reclaim Catcher?

Reclaim catchers provide heavy dabbers with the optimal means to maximize their concentrates. A must-have accessory on dab rigs used by heavy users.

Reclaim catchers resemble ash catcher attachments and can be attached to any dab rig or water pipe joint for easy storage and use. They come in various sizes to suit different types of dab rigs. Some are constructed out of glass, while others may feature other materials.

Reclaim catchers make dabbing more efficient while helping keep your dab rig clean and free of clogs, as they collect any unvaporized or condensed oil that forms from dabbing concentrates. Attach it to the joint of your dab rig or water pipe and connect your nail or banger; when heating dabbing begins, the reclaim catcher will collect any unvaporized or condensed oil that forms from dabbing, which then drips down into a collection receptacle where it can be collected later or reuse. Reclaim catchers make dabbing simpler and your dabbing experience more efficient overall!

What are the Different Types of Reclaim Catchers?

Reclaim Catchers for dab rigs have various designs to fit your style and preferences. A popular model is the drop-down reclaim catcher, featuring a silicone container attached with threaded components for ease of removal or replacement of its container. In addition, these catchers come with various attachment styles so that you can find just the right one for your rig.

An alternative angled reclaim catcher design can help increase concentrate collection. Ideal for dab rigs with sidecar bangers, this device rests between the banger and rig at an angle to collect more concentrates from their source.

NoGoo reclaims catchers make an impressive addition to any rig setup, featuring vibrant psychedelic colors that catch your eye, fitting most common sizes, and featuring precise glass construction that ensures it looks great no matter what other accessories may be in place.

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