What is a Guest Information Folders?


Guest information folders are an effective way for hotels to prevent guest inquiries and save valuable staff time. They demonstrate your hotel is aware of its guests’ needs while giving a comprehensive view of local areas. Have the Best information about Guest Information Folders.

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What is a Guest Information Folder?

Assuring guests have all of the information they need for an enjoyable stay is one of the best ways to welcome and settle them into your hotel, holiday cottage, or self-catering property. They will want to know details such as Wi-Fi password, fire alarm location, and heating mechanism in advance so they can maximize their stay without needing to call you with questions later. Providing them with this material allows them to use every minute they spend with you without incurring unnecessary calls to you for support!

Digital guest information folders offer a more efficient method for disseminating information to guests, eliminating the need for your staff to hand out printed folders and simplifying content management. Plus, guests can access it whenever necessary using smartphones or tablets – especially useful while out and about!

A practical guest information folder must include key contact details for doctors, pharmacies, and fire brigades and specifics about your local area, such as bus routes and times, dog-friendly beaches or walks, and nearby events. In addition, guests should receive details on any special offers you have available and how to book them.

What to Include in a Guest Information Folder

Whether you operate a hotel or holiday home, creating a guest information folder that demonstrates your brand and assures guests is an invaluable way to build customer trust and foster guest relations. Provide information about the property, local area adventures, and leisure activities with this informative tool.

As well as your house rules and the contact details of your caretaker, it’s advisable to include information regarding recycling procedures. This could involve giving guests a clear instruction manual about which bins need emptying and when. Adding in a leaflet from a waste management company detailing collection dates could also prove valuable.

If your holiday home features a wood burner or heating system with intelligent controls, your guests must know how to use it safely. A detailed manual will assist them in avoiding burns to themselves or damage to the system as they attempt to misuse it. Likewise, intelligent speakers need instructions, too, as guests often inquire how they work; providing immediate responses could save a great deal of time!

Print guest directories quickly become outdated; not being updated between bookings means pages are often lost. Digital guest directories offer more attractive designs that can be tailored to meet the style of any house, plus they are easier to update, so no information ever becomes outdated!

How to Create a Guest Information Folder

If your hotel, B&B; B, or holiday cottage provides guests with an information folder, it must remain current. Outdated information will only frustrate them further and could make their experience unpleasant if they need information they can’t find from it.

Add emergency numbers to your guest directory for added peace of mind for guests during their stay. It may also be beneficial to include a feedback form so your guests can let you know what they liked about their experience and suggest improvements for next time.

An electronic guest information folder is an ideal way of providing guests with all the details they require in an easily digestible format without needing sticky pages or lost pieces from traditional printed welcome books.

Digital guest information folders can also be an effective way to promote your hotel or holiday cottage. By linking directly to partner websites through bright buttons in your directory, you can offer guests discounts and upsell products or services during their stay, increasing guest satisfaction while growing business.

How to Print a Guest Information Folder

As guests arrive at a holiday home, they often have no prior knowledge of its surrounding area; information in their guest room must make them feel at ease and well-informed. Whether this be printed folders, digital guidebooks, or both, it is essential that guests can easily access all necessary details in an easy-to-read format.

Providing clear categories and easy-to-read content will allow your guests to quickly locate what they are searching for, which will reduce misunderstandings and work for your service team.

As well as outlining basic house rules, you should provide your guests with an extensive list of amenities in your property and their operating instructions – this may include anything from where to find the stop cock, fuse box, or heating controls – this will save them from confusion when encountering technical issues and could avoid having to contact you for help directly.

Include local attractions and leisure activities as a critical part of their holiday experience. Doing this will enable your guests to plan more effectively for their trip and maximize the value of their vacation rental property. For instance, if your property is near beaches, suggest some dog-friendly beaches and scenic walks for them to experience your area more thoroughly than they would through online searching alone. This will make guests feel valued and give them a more personal feel of what is offered in their area than they might receive otherwise.

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