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Yoga is a deep science revealed by Mahadeva Himself within the Agamas. It isn’t simply shifting your legs and arms! Yoga is deeply rooted in Hinduism, sourced in Hinduism, and contains all facets of Hinduism. It isn’t a “non secular” follow alone, however is a sacred Hindu RITUAL.

Any yoga academics, gurus who promote yoga as a mere non secular follow are diluting and misrepresenting yoga, and pose hazard to those working towards it. Beer yoga, hen yoga aren’t solely NOT yoga, they’re harmful, and unscientific. They do harm to those that follow it.

It will be important for each yoga practitioner & instructor to know that yoga is a SCIENCE to comprehend, expertise bliss and divinity. It’s divinity expressing via you, not you attempting to achieve divinity.

It is advisable to set the sankalpa, chant the mantras, do the pranayama & achamaneeyam, mudras and invoke Bhagwan earlier than doing asanas.


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