VR Technologies in online casino


The gambling industry has changed a lot in recent decades. Until about 30 years ago, there were only casual casinos worldwide. Then, there were arcades with gaming machines, roulette tables, card tables, and bars where you could have a drink or a snack. For example, the Las Vegas casino, where people from all states and even from other countries came to have fun. Online games appeared in the mid-1990s. Game designers have provided relatively simple casino table games for the online market.

Since these preliminary experiments began, the scope and scale of online gambling have grown exponentially every year. With the advent of cheap smartphones worldwide, the number of people accessing online gaming sites has also increased in many countries where such games are officially allowed. Gamblers like to play on trustable online casinos such as PinUp casino. But here, the main question is that, as virtual reality headsets become increasingly integrated into the video game industry, will virtual reality casinos be anything more than a gimmick?

What is a Virtual Reality Casino?

Virtual reality is a computer technology that recreates an existing or imaginary environment. It is also called immersive multimedia or computer simulation of reality. It simulates the physical presence of the user in a certain environment. In addition, he can interact with it. As a rule, the desired effect is achieved using a VR headset and other equipment. VR technology allows you to recreate light, sound, touch, and smell. For example, 3D digital establishments produced by graphic designers and programmers are virtual reality casinos. Games are accessible through specific applications, and players may use virtual reality devices to interact with each other and vendors.

Deposits and winnings are paid out online, just like regular online casinos. If a real dealer is present, his primary responsibility is to create a positive environment and ensure that gamblers are immersed in the game. The game can only be fully accessed if the speculator has a VR headset and a high-speed web connection. Visitors to virtual gambling establishments may roam the halls, chat with other users, change the establishment’s layout at their leisure, and analyze statistics using a sophisticated user interface. In addition, the user may change the appearance of his 3D avatar based on his mood, allowing him to create the most daring images.

Note: Currently, many online casinos, like PinUP Casino, are trying to use the latest available technologies and provide exceptional services to their customers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of VR Casinos

One of the advantages of VR gambling houses is the gathering of big companies in virtual reality to play poker or roulette 24/7. In addition, users can invite their friends and organize competitions with cash prizes. But the most significant advantage of 3D virtual casinos is the realism of everything that happens. Unlike live casinos and conventional online casinos, the visitor is almost immediately immersed in the atmosphere of a gambling house, and the boundaries between the natural world and the invented world are blurred.

Necessary: Online casinos like PinUP try to update their sites with the latest technologies to provide new opportunities to their clients.

Virtual casinos also have several disadvantages. The biggest is the need for full-fledged projects with a diverse menu and many visitors. Many newly developed virtual reality casinos are limited to just a few games. The second disadvantage is the high equipment cost that the user has to pay. Prices for simple VR headsets start at $150-200. The third disadvantage is the low percentage of gambling houses that implement virtual reality technologies, which is why gamblers do not have the opportunity to choose and search for institutions with bonuses, promotions, and other extras.

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Popular Games and Developers

IT giants NetEnt, NextGen Gaming, CSS EXE, and Microgaming develop software for virtual reality casinos. In 2016, Microgaming presented the first VR roulette in London. This software transported the user to outer space, where a robot performed the role of the seller. Microgaming’s invention won the ICE Totally Gaming Award and was immediately on the most anticipated hits list. NetEnt is a pioneer and innovator with 20 years of experience.

This developer works on virtual reality projects and brings unique 3D sounds. The company believes that creating high-quality audio is critical to attracting players. For this reason, the company plans to use 3D sound in future slots and design casinos. At ICE 2016, NetEnt allowed its visitors to experience a unique gaming experience with Jack 3DWORLD. At the moment, safe online gambling websites like PinUP are trying to increase their partnership with different developers to provide the best services to their clients.

The Future Prospective: PinUP

Online casinos are already in business, so this is something other than something that belongs to the future. However, significant changes are expected in the industry, including the more realistic conversion of traditional gambling establishments to VR gaming platforms. This will also likely affect the physical casino industry, with more players likely to enter online gaming. The online gambling business must adapt to the development of virtual reality. As gamblers must constantly be surprised, the latest slots with various designs and realistic images continue to appear and excite consumers.

Virtual reality hardware is advancing as fast as software. The development and spread of special tools enable more people to participate in virtual gambling. We recommend all gamblers join the reliable online casino of PinUP, check the latest technology and opportunities provided by this platform, and start to gamble in the future of the casino industry.

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