Vintage Outdoor Lighting for a Warm Welcome


Vintage-style outdoor lighting helps your home stand out and welcomes family and guests with style. Available with modern convenience features like ADA compliance, motion sensor technology, and wet rating ratings – vintage-inspired outside lights can add warmth and charm. Check out the Best info about led wall washer lights outdoor.

Add solar-powered outdoor lighting to any old lamp using a lamp kit. Ramberg suggests filling an antique birdcage with LED pillar candles for an eye-catching, fairytale backyard scene.


With just one click, industrial vintage outdoor lighting brings warmth and security to any home’s exterior. These fixtures fit seamlessly with most architectural styles, from contemporary landscapes to traditional ones; mounting them near your front door or on your porch provides classic charm while also helping illuminate stairs or pathways on your property.

Choose lanterns featuring hammered metal and seeded glass for an authentic rustic aesthetic, while more subdued copper onion lanterns would complement early-20th-century bungalows or other early-20th-century homes. Additionally, decorative options can include double-beveled or art glass.

Add industrial vintage style to your exterior by lighting with nautical themes. Wall sconces or post lights with caged shades protect an Edison-style bulb and this theme. One such fixture is the Steadman Large Outdoor Wall Sconce, which boasts its rich-bronze finish and clear seedy glass shade, ideal for coastal or colonial-style homes.


Farmhouse design harkens back to pioneer days, focusing on simple living and rustic materials. This trend can be translated into outdoor lighting through fixtures such as this farmhouse pendant that elevates simple rope and O-ring accents and features a clear glass shade, allowing Edison-style bulbs to shine through beautifully. Group two or more pendants over your dining table for an inviting ambiance.

Add modern convenience to your farmhouse’s vintage outdoor lighting by including innovative technology within each fixture. Look for institutions with Wi-Fi compatibility so they connect directly with your Internet service, enabling control from smartphones or tablets.

Bluetooth works similarly without needing an Internet connection. These smart connections come in various finishes and designs such as wall lanterns, step lights, and barn lights – some even come equipped with motion sensors, dark sky compliant technology, LED dimmable options, and dusk to dawn functionality for extra convenience.


Coastal vintage outdoor lighting creates a soothing environment inspired by beachside living. This style combines classic nautical elements with a beachy aesthetic to form an inviting look, from seashells and sand dollars to woven materials and kilim pillows; everything adds love to where you reside!

Opt for fixtures explicitly designed for coastal use. They’re engineered to resist corrosion, rust, and fading from atmospheric salt and temperature extremes – and require little upkeep with regular cleaning sessions.

Look for fixtures with “living finishes.” This means they aren’t lacquered and will patina naturally over time – copper turns green verdigris while brass darkens and warms to an attractive luster. Many manufacturers offer coastal-rated fixtures made of aluminum, a solid yet beautiful metal that won’t rust – we have plenty of such fixtures from Troy Lighting, Kichler, and Quoizel available in our selection!

Art Deco

Art Deco style embodies decadence with bold geometric patterns that take center stage. Just a few touches of Art Deco can quickly turn any room into something luxurious, from jewel-tone sofas to Crittall windows with plenty of natural light.

Art Deco’s origins can be traced back to the 1925 Paris International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts when designers began experimenting with sleekly streamlined designs. Drawing inspiration from previous fine arts movements and influences from other fields, Art Deco rapidly spread throughout Europe and America.

Look for antique deco lamps featuring free-flowing, frosted glass in floral, mirror, multi-colored patterns, intricate lamp bases with detailed etchings, and wood accents that showcase this style. Complicated lamp bases with intricate carvings also epitomize this Art Deco aesthetic. In contrast to traditional lighting fixtures, which project light upwards, art deco lights primarily illuminate wall surfaces with soft yet warm ambient illumination, which makes them suitable for bathroom and bedroom settings alike – an exquisite vintage sconce such as Mullan Lighting Comoro lamp is perfect for bringing art deco into any room of your home.


The traditional vintage outdoor lighting trend is perfect for homeowners looking to add timeless design elements to their homes. While past trends focused on blending into the house or incorporating earth and stone colors from the landscape, this style brings back more classic designs such as copper and brass, making this style an excellent way to highlight specific features in their yard, such as statues or fountains.

To achieve a classic traditional aesthetic, choose lanterns with simple panes of glass and classic black finishes for your home. Additionally, wall sconces incorporating vintage details like crown molding trim or cross-brace styles may work nicely as wall lights.

Traditional vintage lighting offers many opportunities around the home in 2023, from using string lights to demarcate an outdoor sitting area and illuminate garden beds to highlighting trees with brightly lit bulbs. No matter how they are implemented, traditional vintage fixtures will create a welcoming ambiance in any outdoor space.

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