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Vakyartha Sadha | Hindu Perception About Creation, Moksha, Demise and Extra!


Wish to know what the Hindu perception about creation, reincarnation, creation, moksha, life and loss of life? Nicely, on this video, you will study all in regards to the numerous perception programs of Hinduism via a follow often called ‘Vakyartha Sadhas.’

In Vedic civilization, Sanatana Hindu Dharma, the schooling system was based mostly on Guru-Disciple relationship. It was the Guru’s duty to INSPIRE the looking for in His disciple and supply the primary 25% of understanding/cognizing deep non secular Truths:

Shravana (listening) to the Guru was the primary 25% of this schooling. The second 25% of understanding non secular Truths is acquired by the disciple after they debate these teachings with a fellow college students. The third 25% of those understandings come via ‘Manana, intranalyzing and meditating upon the teachings. Lastly, these deep non secular Truths are solely totally understood when Niddidhyasana, expressing, dwelling, and educating the non secular Truths occurs.

My Guru, Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, has initiated me into this stunning Vedic system of schooling, and as considered one of His Ordained Yoga Acharyas, I’d be honored for those who participated with me in ‘Vakyartha Sadas’, talking on the assorted Truths of our actuality.

At this time, I’m joined by my two good mates, fellow disciples, and monks, who I met throughout my time in India, (and each occur to be Canadian seekers as effectively!)… Sri Nithya Ashutoshananda Mhj and Sri Nithya Jnanatma Mhj.

If you need to participate on this integral facet of Sanatana Hindu Dharma, please be part of us!

At this time’s Vakyartha Sadas subject is Understanding the 5 Actions of Paramashiva, the Cosmic Consciousness that created the Universe.

These 5 actions are:

Srishti – Manifestation
Sthiti – Sustenance
Samhara – Rejuvenation
Trobhava – Pulling out of Delusion
Anugraha – Liberation

Manifestation, sustenance, rejuvenation, pulling out of delusion, liberation… Paramashiva does this via the 5 Faces of Satyojata, Vamadeva, Tatpurusha, Aghora, and Ishana.

All these actions are occurring inside you now; occurring inside your mind proper now! And if that is going ‘over-your-head’, to not fear, THAT is why Vakyartha Sadas occurs!

To see extra content material from my fellow disciples, take a look at their hyperlinks right here:

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Sri Nithya Jnanatma Mhj:


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This channel is all about awakening you to your increased prospects and supporting your progress in consciousness as you develop to the subsequent dimension of existence. (That was a mouthful)

My names’ Sri Nithya Dridhananda and my objective is to assist enrich you & the remainder of life with genuine Yogic teachings and showcase the Sanatana Hindu Dharma lifestyle. I actually hope you take pleasure in and discover my content material helpful! Earlier than you go please click on the thumbs up on the video, depart a remark under of what you thought and SUBSCRIBE to the channel! 🙂

Additionally, for those who haven’t heard a lot about it but, Nithyananda Yoga is re-introducing to the world the unique that means & objective of Yoga by reviving essentially the most genuine teachings of this superb science of Enlightenment, which was mastered 1000’s of years in the past throughout Vedic instances.

My Guru, Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam is the Mahamandaleshwara (non secular head) of the Mahanirvani Akhada, which is the oldest, most apex physique of Hinduism. (You possibly can relate this to being increased than the Pope in Catholicism as a result of Mahamadaleshwara is acknowledge because the Divine Incarnation of Shiva Himself, the creator of the Cosmos. Part of Swamiji’s (my Guru’s nickname) mission is to revive and set up all historic Yoga teachings. Earlier Enlightened Masters and Yogis accomplished the duty of popularizing all types of Yoga throughout the globe, now it’s time to authenticate it and realign once more & once more to the Truths of this superb way of life. Please, obtain a free copy of the Nithyananda Yoga E-E book with essentially the most just lately revived historic scriptures on Yoga asanas, mudras, pranayamas in addition to many different revelations on Yoga from Swamiji at this hyperlink:

Thanks for tuning in everybody..

Nithyanandam (Be Blissful)!


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