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The Relationship Between Mom Kali and Lord Shiva.
Lord Shiva’s obligation could be very harmful as a result of he has to make use of the vitality of Mom Kali (or Goddess Durga). In one other in style pic­ture the Mom Kali is usually seen standing on the prostrate physique of Lord Shiva, which signifies that typically Lord Shiva has to fall down flat with the intention to cease Mom Kali after killing the asuras. Since Lord Shiva controls the highly effective materials vitality (god­dess Durga), worshipers of Lord Shiva attain very opulent posi­tions inside this materials world. Beneath Lord Shiva’s path, a worshiper of Lord Shiva will get all types of fabric services. In distinction, a Vaishnava, or a worshiper of Lord Vishnu might not turn into materially opulent, however receives divine intelligence from the Lord Himself to make progress on the trail again house, again to Godhead. Since a devotee has nothing to do with any type of materials possession, he doesn’t come underneath the management of Mom Kali, or the goddess Durga.

Lord Shiva can be in command of the tamo-guna, or the mode of ignorance on this materials world. His efficiency, the goddess Durga, is described as preserving all residing entities within the darkness of igno­rance (yaa devi sarva bhuteshu nidra-rupam samsthita).


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