Travel Arrow Reveals Priceline Express Deals


Travel Arrow, a Google Chrome extension, can save money through flight searches conducted through Google Flights by automatically adding search results from Kayak, Skyscanner, and Southwest Airlines — which may lead to alternative and potentially cheaper fares.

This week, Reddit user avetisyan828, known by his username avetisyan828, shared their creation. Watch the video below to understand its use.

Priceline Express Deals

Are You Shopping Online for Bargains? Have You Discovered Priceline Deals Yet? Probably. While their primary money-saving tool, the “Name Your Own Price” feature, only exists for hotels, Priceline also offers “Express Deals,” which offer deep discounts on flights and rentals cars similar to Hotwire’s popular Hot Rates feature – hiding hotel names until after purchasing a flight.

Some travelers might view this approach as risky, but you could save significant amounts by being flexible with your dates and accepting some unexpectedness on your next journey. The key lies in remaining open-minded regarding any surprises that might occur along the way.

Priceline Express Deals makes booking hotels quick and easy by concealing their identities beforehand, but with clever filters, it can be easy to identify which property will become your next accommodation once booked. A good way is searching by neighborhood and star rating before filtering for features such as complimentary breakfast or a gym membership.

Once you find an offer you like, click through to view more details. Priceline will provide a rough itinerary detailing departure and arrival airports along with approximate times of day (morning is from 6 am-2 pm; midday from 10 am-6 pm and evening 3 pm-11 pm); they also indicate any layover duration but don’t specify exactly which airport it may occur at.

Express Deals don’t always include carry-on bags or seat selection extras. If these features are essential to you, other OTAs and flight search sites might provide less mysterious similar offers. Furthermore, all sales on Express Deals are final with no chance for refund or change; however, travel insurance from Priceline can cover costs related to changes or cancellations that might occur after booking an Express Deal.

Hotwire Hot Rates

Hotwire is a travel website that partners with travel services to provide last-minute deals on hotels, flights, and rental cars at significantly reduced rates compared to traditional booking methods – often up to 60% cheaper for hotel rates, 40% for flights, and 50% on rental car fees!

To use Hotwire, enter your destination and travel dates, select your hotel type preference, filter by price range, star rating, or amenities, and click “book.” When you find an offer that meets your needs, click on the red “book” button and enter your traveler and payment information; Hotwire will then provide a list of available hotels, including any Hot Rate deals in your area.

One of the easiest ways to save money when booking hotels using Hotwire is to book one with low ratings but good reviews. You can do this by searching TripAdvisor or Expedia and looking at how many reviews a particular property has received; typically, this can be seen by looking at its star rating from guests.

When shopping for flight deals, be wary of additional charges that could add up. Airlines often tack on extra fees for luggage, seat selection, and credit card usage that aren’t covered in a Hotwire listing’s price; additionally, note that Hotwire listings are non-changeable, non-refundable, and non-transferable, which could cause issues for some travelers.

Hotwire provides discounted travel, but they also offer packages with flights, hotels, and car rentals that can help you save even more. These bundles are an ideal solution for travelers unsure where they want to travel or what accommodations are necessary – these savings could come in handy whether traveling for business purposes or as a family vacations!

To find the ideal package, begin by visiting the Hotwire Packages page and entering in your destination, departure date, and number of travelers you would like included in your vacation package. Here, you can filter results based on price or airline before selecting flight, hotel, and car rental options that best meet your needs.

Hotel Reveal

Travelers can save up to 60% off hotel prices when they book Priceline Express Deals or Hotwire Hot Rates, although these deals remain hidden until after a non-refundable reservation has been confirmed and the name of the hotel in which you’ll be staying. Many travelers find these reservations daunting because they don’t know which hotel type they will be in; Travel Arrow can reveal these hidden hotels before making a reservation decision.

The extension finds hotels by cross-referencing amenities listed on their website with details provided by Express Deals or Hot Rates listing. While not guaranteed to work every time, it has a high success rate and can save money when booking more expensive hotels.

Although booking through third-party sites is an effective way of saving on hotel costs, hotels will not award reward points for doing so as they want to ensure they’re getting a fair price and don’t get taken advantage of by resellers offering lower room rates through tools like FindOptimal or Bid Goggles. To avoid this pitfall, booking directly with hotels or via devices such as FindOptimal and Bid Goggles would be wiser.

Beat Google Flights Prices

Google Flights has become one of the go-to travel tools online, and for good reason. Not only can it locate flights based on optimal outbound and inbound times, but the search engine offers additional features designed to save you money.

Start price-tracking any route by searching once, clicking “track prices,” and hitting the “track prices” button. When airfare changes for that route, this tool automatically sends email alerts so you no longer need to continually search and price-check it, saving time and money!

Google Flights’ useful feature of viewing historical prices for any route can help you gauge whether or not a current price represents good value, even comparing it with past averages on that route if necessary. This feature can especially come in handy for travelers planning trips to Europe during periods when airfares tend to spike.

Google Flights also allows you to stay aware of potential price increases when booking travel dates you desire, with this feature not available on every route but potentially lifesaving when deciding to book or not book a flight.

Google provides an informative color-coded bar in search results when you select a date, which indicates whether ticket prices are below average (green), moderate (yellow), or above standard (red). This feature may help you avoid booking at unreasonable times and save some cash!

The Google Flights search engine suggests an optimal time to book, which can be especially helpful if your travel dates are fixed. Furthermore, it may offer advice on sale dates if applicable.

If you want to know about deals first, register for a Google Account for free to take advantage of all their travel tools. Skyscanner, Momondo, and Kayak all provide price alerts that keep track of airfare price changes in real-time.