Tips on how to Improve Your Memory


Too often while I ask the question: “Do you have a bad memory? Typically the automatic answer I receive is an emphatic Yes!

This next question to them is what if someone were to borrow from these people say a million dollars would likely they forget the person? And this also time they give me an unqualified No! Of course not! When I ask them why that is and so and they say “well they’re obviously aren’t they? Come on, man how can you possibly forget which?

So back to the original problem: “why do you think you’ve got an awful memory? ” This time they furnish me another excuse.

Until you’ve been diagnosed with a kind of brain-debilitating disorder there is no such thing as being a bad memory. For that matter, there is not any such thing as a very good memory either. What just about everyone has is an untrained mind that may be nurtured to develop a shaver sharp memory. The main reason why some people feel that we cannot accomplish that is that they are expecting it to take place overnight and they hope that there is some kind of pill that they can take that will boost their storage power.

Although some kinds of foods can in some ways retain our memory power unchanged, what it really boils down to is to coach our brain to remember everything we want and recall these when we want to. In the latest seminar that I conducted, I developed an 80-year-old man who after having been coached on how to remember was able to recollect a long list of words in a little while of time. This is indeed a testament to the fact that old age would not destroy our ability to bear in mind. Consider this

metaphor: what happens should you never use a knife for long periods of time? The answer is obvious: it will not be as sharpened as it should be. However, once you have sharpened it and use it on a regular basis you find that it stays sharpened. After some time you find that it becomes blunt again and you have to be able to sharpen it once more. This is one way your memory works. You must sharpen your memory every once in a while. Just like you keep your physical physique healthy by engaging in physical exercise, you can keep your memory shaver sharp by doing the following stuff.

Improve your power of observation

The list of the key reason why many of us think we’ve got lousy ram is that we do not boost all of our power of observation. If you commute, how many times have you not in use your car in a multi-story car park and were unable to find everywhere you’ve parked the car after you return? The reason why you’ve got this challenge is that when you parked the car, you failed to connect as well as link your car to the associated environment. You perceive the earth that is in front of you and your car or truck. What you need to do is to transform and have a good look at the car and see where you’ve not in use it. Link your car with a pillar or remember often the lot number where an individual has parked.

When you are introduced to somebody new the first thing that you do is to determine the person’s name. And yet a short time later you cannot remember synonymous. Again this is due to your absence of the power of observation. What you can do should be to ask the person to duplicate their name if you are able to get it the first time. If the man gives you a name playing card, look at the card and make a link of the person with the identity and his/her organization.

Case in point: Let’s say you were shown Theresa Lim who is a new HR manager with Symbol Pte Ltd. Perhaps you can see a “Tree” with lots of words from the alphabet hanging from that. Then you know who anyone is as ‘tree’ sounds near Theresa and the letters around the tree may trigger the human brain to recall the name of the business she is working.

However, I must caution you here to get sensitive to this as it might seem impressive on your part should you be able to recall the person an individual met, but you certainly just do not want to tell the person how you will remember her.

Boost your attention

This is important if you really want to produce a razor-sharp memory. It’s not necessary to sweat over it. You could take action slowly and steadily. Upping your concentration helps your brain to be able to intensify its various routines and thus helps you to recall details with ease. You can boost your attention by trying to link not a related list of words by developing a story between them. Try to bear in mind a whole song lyric simply by hard and singing that. You can also take a paragraph from your book or a list of nations around the world and see whether you could bear in mind them hard. Once you force yourself to remember these kinds of list of items there is an inclination for your brain to make several neural connections that allows you to your own concentration and which in turn allows you to increase your ability to recall facts with ease.

Learn a new matter every day

This is one of the most methods to keep your memory razor distinct. When you learn something new day-to-day you will find yourself becoming increasingly considerably more alert and focussed on what you are doing. One effective service is to learn a new concept from the dictionary every day and attempt to use it in your daily talk or writing. Or you help keep an encyclopedia by your bed and learn a new bit of facts before you sleep. The Internet has its own useful search engines that give you actually immediate access to almost any facts that you want. Try not to search for points that you already have prior knowledge of. Learn something new like this your brain will take notice. If you choose this regularly you will find the fact that new information seems to draw your interest and this will probably inspire your brain to make useful connections with existing facts you have to help you boost your ram and make it razor distinct.

Dr. Daniel Theyagu is often a corporate trainer and meeting leader who has designed in addition to conducting competency-based training for in excess of 150 organizations. He is in Singapore and can be reached at dtheyagu@singnet. com.

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