Tips on how to Chose a Scuba Diving Computer


About choosing a dive computer, there are a variety of factors you need to consider. Right here, I will run through some of those aspects and how those factors will certainly affect your diving.

First of all, the most crucial factor when it comes to selecting a dive computer is the color and the size of the computer as it is well-known that Scuba Divers are a vein lot and prefer to demonstrate off with oversized timepieces and brightly colored equipment – JUST JOKING — (divers have a sense associated with humor too! )

Correct onto the fundamental factors.

You have first to decide whether you need a console-mounted computer or perhaps a wrist-mounted Dive Pc. Some Dive Computers include a wrist band but can be taken out of the wrist music group and placed into a system so you can change the arrangement later; however, many computers no longer have it, so you have to decide on purchasing the computer.

So let’s explain some pros and cons of a hand wrist-mounted Dive Computer.

It is just a personal choice and can generally be decided by what you will be used to using as a fun diver. If you are hiring tools, you will most likely get used to the setup and configuration of the hire equipment and, therefore, can make your decision based on which. However, I intensely crave you to consider what type of scuba diving you plan on doing before you make your choice. What I mean by that is certainly are you going to remain a delight dive taking easy entertaining dives just for leisure until now plan on becoming a dive specialized or a technical diver? Depending upon the type of diving you wish to do should allow you to decide on what type of Dive Computer system you will choose.

Will you need some sort of Nitrox Dive Computer or an Air Dive Computer system?
Will you need an Air Included Dive Computer?
Will you don your Dive Computer on your wrist or in your unit?

As a Dive Professional, I prefer a wrist-mounted computer system as I generally need these hands to be free to help student divers. In the case that we have a diver panic, I want to be able to control that diver and help control their very own consent if they are trying to flow to the surface. By having a wrist-mounted computer, I can hold onto the student and keep this computer at eye level to ensure we are not building a rapid ascent, whereas only having a console-attached computer on hand would be tangled up, holding my console as much as eye level.

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If you plan on doing technical or heavy diving that will require decoration stops, or if you find yourself within tight crevices, caves, or even swim-throughs, I believe it is better to have a hand-mounted computer. Again, while holding a person’s deco line, you have a person Dive Computer at eye level, so it just requires a glance to check your level and time rather than needing to hold the deco line and the console. Also, while in restricted areas, you may not be able to achieve your console, whereas the wrist-mounted computer will always be at hand.

If you don’t intend to become a Dive Professional or a Technical Diver, then a system-mounted Dive Computer can be a better choice. Generally, within pleasant recreational diving, your dive computer is merely getting used as a timing gadget to work out your tables to maintain your safe from staying straight down too long; you are not going to need to continuously check your computer while creating rapid ascents or in great depths. For this reason, it is in your console, out of your method, and is there for you to check on this every so often during your dive, just like you do your air. Another advantage of having a computer on the console is that it will always be part of your dive gear when you pack for a jump; you know that if you have your regulator set up in your ski bag, then your computer exists, too, unlike a hand wrist-mounted computer which could easily be left at home when you go scuba diving. So again, for fun purposes, a console-attached diver computer makes a wide range of sense.

Also, as you probably won’t be handling panicked technical scuba divers or decompression stops, you need to monitor your ski computer on every ascent since you have become used to making a gradual ascent yourself.

These are the two main factors you need to look at. However, as I mentioned before, you should plan for the future and consider if you plan on diving using Nitrox, then you will need a Nitrox compatible computer to keep anyone safe on your dives.

Also, you can get air-integrated ski computers that will keep track of your air and your depth along with times, so do away with a single extra Dive Gauge on your console. You would choose a computer system like this if you want to stream range your dive equipment, so you are comfortable using computer system-based technology to monitor your air supply while on some sort of dive.

Suppose you are enthusiastic about streamlining your Dive Tools. In that case, you can get air-included hoseless wrist-mounted Ski Computers that have a radio attached to your first stage regulator instead of a hose, allowing you to eliminate any Dive Gauge System. Again, you must be comfy using technology to monitor your air supply without a hose. These computer systems are a great way of streamlining your equipment, as we all know how cumbersome your dive gear could be.

Aside from all the above, you need to think about functionality and functions such as whether the pc has a light, sound alarms, and whether it can be downloaded onto a computer if you like to log your dives online.

I hope these details help make the buying decision just a little easier. If you have any queries or thoughts on what I have protected here or are ready to begin comparing and researching what Dive Computers are on the marketplace, come and check us out.

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