Three Rules for Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company


Selecting a commercial cleaning company might seem like an easy task. Your brother-in-law just started a cleaning company or you know someone who has a small firm, so you think you can get a deal while helping them out; so you hire them without vetting them or checking other vendors. Best way to find the commercial cleaning service dallas.

This often proves disastrous, because this method of hiring violates the three basic rules of working with a cleaning company. Don’t forget that here is the company that will ensure the population face of your business is clean. For best effects when you start the hiring method, obtain several proposals, examine what each offers, and also make a selection not necessarily based on selling price.

Get Several Proposals

Plans are important when you contract a business because they:

  • Lay out the opportunity for the work
  • Lay out your current responsibility, such as providing use of building, water, and strength
  • Indicate how and when the task will be performed
  • Specify who also provides equipment and products
  • Include a sample of a staff checklist as an accountability determine
  • Provide information about the company
  • Supply proof of insurance
  • Offer sources

Proposals are preliminary for the contract you will sign using a cleaning company. Every offer you receive should give you the essentials of what the company can do and provide proof that they are trustworthy, based on their private enterprise, positive references, and responsibility insurance.

A company should complete a proposal only after seeing the structure. Surveying the square footage of your respective building or lease in the area to be cleaned aids determine to price, and during any walk-through, you can specify virtually any special requirements that might affect your final cost.

Examine the Proposals

As you overview proposals from a variety of organizations, you should note any distinctions among them. If you notice big locations pricing for specific elements of the proposal, you should look for clarification as to what is included inside the service from the different organizations. Your goal is to have “apples to apples” proposals in front of you.

With the prevalence of applications for janitorial and cleaning service services, proposals from several cleaning companies may look the same. This is why it’s very important to check references, the Better Business Bureau, and reviews on Angie’s List, Yelp, and other review sites to gain some idea of the company’s performance.

Consider Terms, Not Just Price

The only way you can judge the quality of a commercial cleaning service is to try them out for some time. Some companies may offer you a better price if you sign a long-term contract, but you don’t want to be shortsighted and commit to a long contract based on price. The idea is for you to lock in guarantees for a long-term price with the shortest possible contract, such as a month-to-month contract with a three-year price guarantee.

A company that will do this gives you much more control over the quality of your cleaning. If the cleaners assigned to your facility slack off or simply don’t live up to their responsibilities, you’re not locked into a contract and you can negotiate to correct the problem. If they don’t, you can find a new company to start the next month. This way, you can ultimately hire the company with the best price and the most favorable terms.

Every budget-conscious business owner wants to pay as little as possible to obtain the cleaning service they need, and as a result, they unwittingly put the price above quality service. They may underestimate or undervalue what is involved in cleaning a business establishment and just go for the lower dollar amount. This can be a big mistake. When choosing a commercial cleaning company, make sure to evaluate all the terms, not just the price.

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