Hinduism Beliefs

Although components of Balinese Hinduism (The Agama Hindu Bali)


Bali has a majority of Hindus with virtually 90% of inhabitants. Essential faith practiced over this island is a type of Hinduism known as Agama Hindu Dharma.

Balinese are very non secular individuals. They worship the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, carry out Trikal Sandhya by reciting the Gayatri Mantra and different Sanskrit slokas daily at 6 AM, midday and 6 PM. The air is all the time aromatic with incense and flowers all over the place. Swastika will be seen all over the place.

An necessary perception of the Balinese Hindus is that components of nature are influenced by spirit. Due to this fact, choices (sesajen) produced from agriculture merchandise are provided to this spirit.

Could God bathe grace upon you. Om Swasti-Astu.


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