These 9 Things Will Bring Romance Back to Your Relationship


Your significant other should be the most important person in your life, but too often it’s tempting to take your loved ones for granted. Letting romance dwindle puts your relationship in jeopardy. Here are some ways to rekindle that love.

1. Schedule Fun Activities

Having fun together is a great way to grow closer and rebuild your relationship. Take one of the many cruises from Amsterdam and spend time resting and lounging by the pool. Or book a room at a bed and breakfast and spend the day walking in a resort town. Your marriage will be revitalized.

2. Talk Every Day

Communication is crucial to a healthy relationship, so make a point of talking every day. Don’t simply chat about the weather or the kids, but share things that are important to you. Talk about your needs and encourage your partner to do the same. Listen to one another without judging.

3. Cheer Each Other On

Don’t make it your goal to simply be friends, but cheer each other on. Celebrate with your partner when one of you has success at work. Encourage the person you love to try new things and pursue interests. Be the greatest encouragement in your partner’s life, and the two of you will grow closer.

4. Make Sex a Priority

Your physical relationship is just as crucial as other aspects of your time together, so make it a priority. Be diligent about scheduling alone time together and be willing to try new things.

5. Have Regular Dates

Don’t limit your alone time to the bedroom, but also schedule dates on a regular basis. Showing that you’re willing to set aside time for the one you love communicates the importance of your relationship together. Don’t watch movies unless you take the time to get ice cream after or have dinner beforehand. Play miniature golf or some other relaxing recreation where you communicate and share with each other.

6. Choose To Forgive

When you choose not to forgive, you harm yourself more than anyone else. It puts an unhealthy hamper on your relationship, and communication will falter. Learning to forgive is not only vital in your relationships, but also in your success at work and in other areas. Unforgiveness saps your joy, so learn to practice forgiveness to strengthen your marriage.

7. Compliment Each Other

Compliments are often underrated but crucial in every relationship. One study proved that compliments are just as beneficial as receiving cash. Your partner needs to hear that you care and find your relationship important. Compliment your partner whenever possible and make sure it’s genuine. People choose partners for their positive assets. Remind yourself of those traits daily. More importantly, remind your partner about them.

8. Laugh

Laughter lessens stress and is an important reminder that nothing is too serious to hamper your health or your relationship together. Laughter brings you and your partner joy. When you laugh together, you’ll naturally want to be together.

Laughter has a positive impact on your brain as well. It improves your mood and makes you more creative. It’s easier to connect with someone when you laugh together. Laughter makes the mundane special.

9. Show Appreciation

Think back to the times you’ve felt appreciated. Appreciation of others makes you happy and can improve your well-being. You naturally want to do your best, because you know that what you do matters. The same goes for your partner, so be sure and thank your partner for all he or she does. Write notes and leave them on your lover’s pillow, or buy your partner candy and other gifts to show your appreciation.

When you’re dating, it’s natural to want to build your relationship and get to know each other. What many don’t realize, however, is how crucial it is to maintain that happy relationship. Follow these tips so that you and your partner enjoy each other and want to stay together.

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