The Zentric Phone Case


Phone cases are an easy and affordable way to add some flair to your mobile device. Depending on your budget and personal style, there is an array of designs and colors available, as well as sizes that will meet all of your needs.

Design communities like Dribble or Fiverr offer you access to designers who can create the look you desire for your case, while services that print on demand can save money and shipping costs.

Protects your phone

Not only should you choose a color and design that suits you when it comes to finding the ideal case, but other considerations should also be made when finding one. You want one with ridged edges or special finishes for enhanced grip in your hand; additionally, you want one that protects from drops and scratches with anti-fingerprint technology to maintain cleanliness on its surface.

If you own an iPhone, look for cases that are MagSafe-compliant and include a magnetic stand to keep your device standing upright while viewing videos or playing games in landscape mode. In addition, these cases allow wireless charging without needing a charging cable and even come equipped with built-in camera protectors to shield lenses against scratches and dust build-up.

Other features to keep in mind when choosing an unusual case include kickstands, folio cases, and smudge-resistant materials. You can find such cases both online and in specialty stores. Some retailers specialize in creating custom cases tailored explicitly for Apple or Android devices, while others carry an array of popular brands.

No matter your taste or aesthetic preferences, this selection of designer cases has something for you. From bold leather to polycarbonate options, there’s sure to be something that speaks to you in our selection of durable yet lightweight cases that keep your phone looking its best while protecting it against bumps and scratches. Plus, their durable construction gives them plenty of wearability without adding unnecessary weight!

There are many unique phone cases on the market, from holographic and marble patterns to transparent backcases, allowing you to show off the original design of your phone. Some cases feature raised bezels around the screen for extra protection, and waterproof cases provide even further convenience for enjoying phone functionality while out and about.

One way to safeguard your smartphone is with a custom-designed case from an online retailer offering a selection of images and colors, as well as the option of seeing how many others are interested in that case – which can help you narrow your choices down further.

Stylish design

The Zentric phone case is constructed of premium silicone and PC materials for an effortless grip, protecting camera lenses and screens from scratches while fitting your device perfectly. Available in an array of trendy colors to coordinate perfectly with any phone you own, its transparent design means it allows you to showcase graphics without covering up all the case space completely – creating artwork that is both decorative and useful!

Before printing begins, a trained operator inspects for lint and dust. A white underbase and colored top coat are then simultaneously printed using UV printing technology – which uses high-intensity UV light to cure inks from liquid into solid states – before being wrapped up securely and shipped out for distribution.

Not only stylish, this phone case doubles as an anti-anxiety toy! Combining the popular bubble fidget toy with a mobile phone case makes this gift suitable for friends and family alike. Helpful when studying, working, or just being bored! With its stylish design and anti-anxiety functions, this accessory for mobile phones provides unique and valuable solutions.


The Zentric phone case is constructed from high-grade materials and a lightweight design for ultimate user comfort. Featuring four corner airbags for drop protection, as well as soft silicone material for superior gripping capabilities, its light design makes this case suitable for everyday use. It protects your screen from scratches and smudges with four corner airbags providing drop protection – and all while being environmentally friendly!

This case comes complete with a MagSafe wallet attachment to provide easy access to cash, IDs, and cards. It boasts an ultra-slim kickstand built around the camera bezel for sleek looks. Furthermore, 12 feet of drop protection ensures the reliable operation of this versatile case, which comes in multiple colors for convenient cleaning.

The Zentric Phone Case is an ideal way to protect an iPhone 13/14 Pro Max from accidental damage; it is available through Desertcart, which has operated legally across 164 countries and has sold phones and accessories since 2014. Trustpilot rates the product highly; all products undergo thorough tests to ensure safety before being certified as safe for sale.

Easy to clean

Your phone case touches many surfaces, from bathroom counters to restaurant tables, so it must be regularly cleaned and disinfected to avoid germ transfer from your hands to your phone’s exterior. Most cases can be cleaned using soap and water or rubbing alcohol and cloth; to safely disinfect a plastic or silicone case, you will first need to take steps such as taking out and setting aside your phone somewhere it won’t get wet before using a soft lint-free cloth suitable for electronics screen cleaning or eyeglass cleaner, soaking said fabric in alcohol soaking it soaked cloth into rubbing alcohol sanitizer or alcohol-based sanitizer solution before finally immersing it sanitizer solution before use!

Next, thoroughly wipe down your case until it’s scorched, being sure to reach any hard-to-reach corners and crevices. Your topic should look brand new after cleaning; if not, consider switching cleaners; make sure not to overdo it; too much cleaning could damage its fabric; the best way to avoid this is a gentle cleaning session once or twice each week.