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The Powers Of Brahma Vishnu Shiva Are Restricted SATLOK ASHRAM

The Powers Of Brahma Vishnu Shiva Are Restricted SATLOK ASHRAM #satlokashram

Query: – Are Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv immortal?

Reply: – No. They’re mortal. In addition they have delivery and demise. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv ji even have mom and father.

Query: – Give us some proof and in addition inform the names of their mom and father.

Reply: – In Shri Devi Mahapuran (printed from Gita Press Gorakhpur), Third Skand, web page 123,

Shri Vishnu ji praying to his mom Durga, says that – “Oh Mom! You might be pure kind. The complete world is originating from you solely. We’re current by your grace. I, Brahma and Shankar take delivery and die. We now have (Aavirbhaav) delivery and (Tirobhaav) demise. We’re not immortal. You’re the mom of the universe and Goddess Sanatani and Goddess Prakriti.” God Shankar stated, “Oh Mom! When Brahma, who was born after Vishnu, is your son, then am I, Shankar, who performs Tamoguni divine act, not your son, that’s, you solely have given delivery to me too.”

It has been proved from this excerpt of Devi Mahapuran that the mom who gave delivery to Shri Brahma ji, Shri Vishnu ji, and Shri Shankar ji is Goddess Durga (Goddess Ashtangi) and these three are mortal.

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