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The ONENESS of MIND: unifying a superb physicist's insights with a Hindu idea of "sameness"


Ken Wilber is a superb writer who’s an advocate of integrating various philosophies into One Style. On this lecture, Steve goes over an enchanting excerpt from the e-book “Quantum Questions,” by which Wilber places collectively the paranormal writings of lots of the world’s best quantum physicists.

This video contains a unifying perspective from Erwin Schrödinger — a colleague of Albert Einstein — and hyperlinks it to the Hindu instructing of Siddhi, or perfection.

Steve’s description of Wilber as a “Buddhist Christian scientist” is solely Steve’s viewpoint and never how Wilber describes himself. Additionally, his final identify is spelled with an E, so please forgive the error within the title in case you view this video, Ken! To everybody else, please learn Wilber’s e-book “Quantum Questions” to broaden your thoughts!


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