The New M-Pesa App


The new M-Pesa app is a really cool app that has been around for a while. It’s a super app that offers a variety of services in one app. You can use the app to buy tickets, buy insurance, pay for gas, and much more.


The MyM-PESA app has many features that make it easier to make transactions. The main screen of the app shows your current balance and any transactions that have been made. You can also view transaction codes and QR codes. The app also helps you pay bills, send money, and withdraw money. It is free in many countries, and it is compatible with many mobile devices.

Safaricom launched the MyM-PESA app to make daily transactions easy. To access the app, you must have a SIM card in your device and mobile data enabled. The app also supports Wi-Fi and biometric verification. The app also gives you access to Safaricom’s website, social networks, and customer support.

If you don’t have a bank account, you can use M-PESA to make payments from anywhere in the world. You can use the service to pay school fees, pay bills, and transfer money. It’s fast, safe, and convenient. You can also use it to top up your mobile airtime and withdraw cash from authorized agents.

Safaricom’s mobile money service

Safaricom’s mobile money service, M-Pesa, brings financial services to people who have no access to a bank account. It contributes 16 percent of Safaricom’s revenue and is growing quickly. The company has made several changes to its service, including the introduction of an easier way for customers to pay for purchases.

The company says it has invested heavily in its network and agent network. This has enabled it to charge as little as 0.5 percent of the money collected on the till, and a maximum of Sh200 per transaction. It claims that 30 million people use M-Pesa, a service that enables users to send money, save money, and borrow money. Safaricom says it has 258,000 mobile money agents, while rivals control 31255 outlets.

Using Safaricom’s mobile money service, users can purchase airtime credits or store goods via SMS text messages. They can also use their phones to make e-money transfers. M-Pesa users can also access their accounts online.

Safaricom’s mySafaricom app

The Safaricom app is a great way to connect with your mobile service provider. It contains a variety of useful tools, such as a store locator and bill reminders. It also includes a knowledge base that contains information on various services. These features eliminate the need to contact customer care representatives. The application is easy to use and has a clean interface that allows you to view updates in real-time.

The app will give you access to your bill payments, SMS messages, and data usage. It will also allow you to download your M-PESA statement so that you can keep track of your transactions. The app also allows you to easily identify apps that are consuming bundles. Once downloaded, the app will be free to use for 500MB. It will soon be available on both iOS and Google Play. The app will also feature insights from Stephen Mutungi, Derek, and Joel Kaba.

Safaricom is also a one-stop shop for most Safaricom services. The company introduced the app last April. Since then, the app has been used by over 30 million users. The company is constantly working to improve its services and make them even more convenient for its customers. It has also rolled out new features, including a new feature called Send to Many, which makes bulk transfers easier.

Safaricom’s Moya super app

Safaricom has unveiled a new super app for its mobile customers and business users, called M-Pesa. The app will enable businesses and consumers to send and receive money, as well as make payments. It also includes Offline Mode, which will allow customers to transact even when they are offline.

In addition to the new super app, Safaricom has partnered with Makao and Little. Customers can access these services within the M-Pesa Super App, under the “Discover” option. Customers can also order taxis and book accommodation through the app. The company is also planning to integrate with major APIs to provide services to a wide range of customers.

The new app is free to download and will work with most mobile phones in South Africa. The app has five million users and almost two million of them use the app every day. It is developed by Data free Africa, a company that sells B2B reverse billing software. The company also offers a secondary platform called MoyaPayD, which is intended for mobile money transactions.