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The Hindu Means of Approaching Demise


“Aum krato smara kṛtaṁ smara – AUM, keep in mind what all I did, to grow to be One with you. krato smara kṛtaṁ smara – keep in mind what all you probably did to grow to be One with Him.” The sacred secrets and techniques of throughout and past life and loss of life are introduced from the daring experiences and phrases of the Upanishadic Rishis on this mantra 17 of Isavasya Upanishads in Residing Advaita Sequence (25th January 2016). From His Advaitic consciousness, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals how this verse introduces the Hindu method of approaching Demise. Why do Hindus cremate the physique? What’s to be remembered when the time of leaving arrives, be it each night time. The mantra doesn’t say keep in mind your sins, your good charities, deserves or unhealthy acts, however solely asks one to recollect all of the actions one did to unite with AUM, the Supreme Consciousness. This illumines the best Hindu supreme of figuring out oneself to be past the thoughts, actions and the physique itself, and the purpose, path of human life, being ONENESS with AUM, Consciousness, the Everlasting Life. “It solely asks you – keep in mind what all you probably did to realize oneness with You. Either side, the Consciousness or Isa, has been requested to recollect no matter every did to realize ONENESS. Remembrance of the purpose is simply required on the time of Demise, for all obstacles, struggles, relationships of life grow to be immaterial and ineffective when that point arrives.

vāyur-anilam amṛtam athedaṁ bhasmāntaṁ śarīram |
auṁ krato smara kṛtaṁ smara krato smara kṛtaṁ smara || 17 ||

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