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The Hindu Historical past of Fatehpur Sikri – D V Sharma – #Indic Talks


The very identify of Fatehpur-Sikri invokes in us an Islamic reminiscence, the reminiscence of Akbar, of Mughal Empire. There are numerous apparent examples of Hindu cities destroyed and remade as Islamic cities, nonetheless, Fatehpur is remembered by all as a novel and virgin creation of Akbar, the Mughal Emperor.

However Dr. D V Sharma, the previous director of the ASI shockingly reveals the findings of his excavations on the Fatehpur-Sikri, telling us that the city was a vibrant Hindu city known as Vijaypur and had a wealthy historical past of Hindu and Jain kingdoms. This Hindu-Jain city was so fully destroyed by the Islamic invaders that no hint of it’s left on the floor.

Somebody like D V Sharma, who couldn’t misinform his occupation and to reality, needed to reveal the Hindu previous of the place to us. And he additionally reveals different stunning betrayals of scholarship and historical past during which post-independence Congress-communist ASI administrators, archaeologists and students have been instructed to lie in regards to the Hindu historical past of Fatehpur and lots of different locations and to as a substitute current it as a very Islamic place. Hearken to this nice Discuss to know the reality of Fatehpur…. or Vijaypur!

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