The best way to Sell Your Own House Using the Internet

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You might like the idea of selling your own house without hiring a real estate agent. This is simple to comprehend, as it will save you roughly 6% in real estate commissions… which could easily be more than 10 thousand dollars. For example, in case you sell a home for $250, 000 you would traditionally spend your real estate agent $15, 000… the buying agent will get 3% ($7500) and the marketing agent (your agent) has got the other 3%. The buyer in no way pays any commission. Which burden falls completely on the home seller. Therefore, you can easily see why you would want to market your own house without a realtor as well as save on that commission.


But before we go any more let me make it perfectly crystal clear that there is a reason why real estate agents make a 3% commission… these people work for it. If you sell your own house without using a realtor, you will quickly learn that promoting a home is hard work.


The good news is, that the Internet has completely equalized the playing field generating selling a home without an agent easier than ever before.

Unfortunately, almost all home sellers simply don’t know what to do in order to take advantage of the many Internet has to offer.

Below can be a step-by-step guide on how to will sell your own house by using the Internet:


1 ) Keywords. First things first, you need to do a bit of keyword research before you start. Keyword phrases are the words people variety into search engines when doing a study on the Internet. You want to find keyword phrases that people are searching for, and smaller ones have a great deal of competition. Like it is going to be impossible for me personally to rank anywhere in the various search engines for a keyword phrase such as “real estate” or even “real property for sale”. It will be considerably easier to rank for a keyword such as “Lakewood Ranch actual estate” or “Lakewood Farm real estate for sale”. There are many keyword tools on the Internet that will help you with flushing out great keywords. Google’s free keyword research tool is a good place to start. Do NOT ignore this step! You will be using your keyword phrases in nearly every various other steps of this process.


Instalment payments on your Create a blog. You can make a website, but these days some sort of blog is much easier to establish and much easier to rank well online. You could always set up a free of charge blog with Blogger. com, but there are many search engine strengths to creating your own weblog with your own domain name using Wp. org.


So first step… purchase a domain name through a company for example Godaddy. com. This will set you back roughly $10 for the yr. Try to include your keyword phrase within your domain name. Depending on your key phrases, it may be difficult to find an accessible domain so you may have to obtain creativity. For example, the website “lakewoodranchrealestate. com” will not be offered, it is more likely that the name “bestlakewoodranchrealestate. com” or “greatlakewoodranchrealestate. com” or even “Lakewood-ranch-real-estate-for-sale. com” as well available. Again, get creative, nevertheless, try to include your keywords in the domain as best as you can.


Once you have chosen your sector, you will now need to number it with a reputable internet hosting company. There are many to choose from however the most recommended is Hostgator. com or Bluehost. com. Individually, I use Bluehost for all web hosting needs. The cost is actually roughly $7/month, they have all of the bells and whistles you will ever require, and their customer service is second to none. Anytime you have a problem you are able to call them up day today and talk to a real individual.


OK, now that you have your own personal domain hosted with a respected host you are ready to install anyone’s blog. If you went with Bluehost you will simply log into your own personal account and click on the Blogger icon and follow the straightforward directions to install your blog.

After your blog is set up you may devote all your blog posts for you to information about your home, your neighbourhood, your own personal schools etc. And of course, always include your keyword phrases in the game titles of your posts and on several occasions throughout the posts as well.


I propose making one post each day. After each post is sure you bookmark the post utilizing the top social bookmarking sites on the Internet for example Digg, Mixx, Reddit, Tasty, Evernote, Google Bookmarks, Search engines Reader, StumbleUpon, and Tweet. These social bookmarking sites potentially have to drive a great deal of traffic to your own personal website/blog. Also, sites for instance Facebook and LinkedIn job great as well. And of course, any time bookmarking your sites occurs keywords whenever possible.


**Note: there are several ways to optimize your blog in order that your posts to be found easier from the Google search engine, but My spouse and I won’t get into them below. Just do a quick search for “SEO plugins” and “permalinks” to obtain additional information.


3. Article writing. The next thing is to use article writing as a way to push traffic to your site. Don’t get stressed… it’s actually very simple. You are going to compose short articles (250-400 words) about your town, neighbourhood, educational institutions etc. Again, make sure to the keywords in the title of your respective article and roughly the moment per every hundred thoughts within the body of your article.


Towards the end of each of your articles, you will need what’s called a “resource box” or “author’s bio” place. It is here that you will create a sentence or two about your residence with a link back to your website. You’ll then submit your article to the many different articles directories online. There are many to choose from and, naturally, there is the software you can buy or perhaps paid websites you can become a member of that will submit your content to many different directories, you could always submit them yourself for free. The three main web directories I would use are EzineArticles. com, GoArticles. com, in addition to SearchWarp. com.


Once you have downloaded your article you will want to search for that article just like you have with your blog posts.

**If an individual feels comfortable writing articles, you can always get someone to write articles in your case. You can usually find professionals who write 250 articles to get as little as $5/article.


4. Build a video for your home. This can be really easy to do. Simply build a slide show using the pics you have taken to advertise your household. Use iMovie, or House windows Movie Maker (or virtually any popular movie making software) to save your video since. mov,. mpg, or. WMV files file. Again, if you have a problem with this you can easily find visitors to do it for you at about $10/video. Once you have your video clip you will submit that video clip to the top video websites on the Internet such as YouTube, Veoh, DailyMotion, Viddler, Revver, and AOL Videos. And of course, you will want to are keywords in both your headline and description. And, make sure you include a link back to your website/blog in the description as well.

Upon having submitted the videos besides you will want to bookmark those video tutorials just like you did with the articles or content and articles.


5. Find listed in your local MLS. This is the most important step of all. Truth to tell 90% of all home gross sales in the United States usually are listed in MLS (Multiple Real estate Service). Unfortunately, the only one who is able to list you in MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE is a licensed realtor. But that does not mean you need to spend a 6% commission. Nowadays you can pay a flat charge listing service to put your house in MLS for a 1-time flat fee. This fee generally ranges from $299-$799 based on the company. Just make sure to do pursuit because not all flat fee listers are created equal.


6. Increase your listing to other top-rated real estate websites including Craigslist for your region, Realtor. com, Point2Homes, Yahoo Base, LiveDeal, Cyberhomes along with AOL Real Estate, Trulia, Zillow, Oodle, Homescape, Vast, HotPads. com, CLRSearch. com, Clickable City Directory, WorldWide-RealEstate-ForSale. com, House. com, TheHousingPages. com, CityCribs, VideoHomes. com, BEATyouThere. com, NTXHouseHunters. com, LandWatch. com, and ResortScape. com…

Of course… bookmark those directory site pages with your keywords


8. Backlink, backlink, backlink! Just about the most important thing to do in order to get a superior ranking in Google is to area “backlinks” to your website from other internet sites. This is usually done by placing responses on blogs, and in community forums, as well as setting up profile webpages on various social networking sites… you will find literally hundreds of thousands of these websites (and that might be an understatement). However, to this right you have to find websites that not just allow you to place links on the site, but also have elaborate called a “do follow” label. Without getting too technical, the “do follow” tag just means that the website allows Search engines to “crawl” through the website and “follow” the domestic links thereby giving your website a boost in the search engines. There are many solutions to go about finding these sites, though the easiest thing to do is get Angela Edwards backlink deal for $5/month. In this deal, she provides 30 excessive rankings “do follow” websites that you can easily add your own personal backlink. There are other bundles you can buy as well, but Angela’s is a great place to start.


When setting your backlink you will occur a keyword phrase as your “anchor text”.

Do NOT underestimate this step. Of all of the search engine optimization I have done through the years nothing has even arrived close to giving me the outcomes that “backlinking” has… it really is part of my everyday program.


OK, at this point you may very well be confused. I told you this was getting work. Just remember, you can always delegate what you do not want to do yourself. In fact, every single step in the above list can be outsourced and can be carried out so with very little money. Think about it this way. If you were to sell your house with a real estate professional and it sold for $250, 000 you would pay out $15, 000 in commissions… consider just taking $1, 000 on the money you save by providing your own house and hire shed pounds do all the steps preceding.


By following the above steps in addition to consistently making blog posts, submitting articles, creating and submitting video tutorials, bookmarking everything, and getting indexed by your local MLS. The chances of providing your own house are much more likely and do so without paying a Realtor 6% of your selling price, thereby economizing yourself thousands of dollars.

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