The Best IT Companies in Seattle


Seattle is a hub for technology, with companies from around the world headquartered here. From Fortune 500 giants to cutting-edge startups, Seattle is a great place to work in tech.

IT services help organizations save time and money, secure data and assets, and improve customer service. The best IT companies in Seattle can help you with your next project.


Seattle is a city known for its technology, so it comes as no surprise that the software companies here are among the best in the country. They can design custom software that can help your business grow, making it more efficient and productive.

SpdLoad is a Seattle-based web design, app development, and IT services company that specializes in everything your company needs to solve any technology problem. Their passion is putting their clients first and helping them succeed with technology and design.

Their teams are seasoned professionals who come together with one goal in mind. That’s to deliver quality solutions on time and on budget.

FlowerPress Creative Studio

FlowerPress Creative Studio is a web design and development firm in Seattle, Washington. Its team of 8 employees provide web development, e-commerce, and digital strategy services to small and midmarket businesses.

They worked with a basic income calculator client to create a website that would work on a variety of devices and improve outward presence. It also had robust tracking that allowed the client to make better ad-spend decisions in the future.

Virtuosity Consulting is a custom software development company that was founded in 2008. They are based in Bellevue, Washington and Navi Mumbai, India and have a midsize team. Their services include cloud consulting & SI, IT managed services, enterprise app modernization, and more.


Textio is an augmented writing platform that helps businesses improve their documentation by highlighting errors and suggesting better words. It also offers language tone detection capabilities to remove age bias phrases, harmful language, gendered phrases and explicit language in documents.

The platform optimizes talent content across job boards, emails and employer blogs by incorporating editing, scoring, and analytics tools. Its centralized library brings talent and brand content together so it’s easy to review, approve, and publish.

Aside from its cutting-edge augmented writing product, Textio is known for its strong culture and employee engagement. It hosts quarterly Explorathons during which employees form teams to innovate on short-term projects.


RealNetworks is a Seattle based software company that makes software that allows computer users to send and receive streaming media. The company offers a suite of multimedia products including RealPlayer, which lets users view and play streaming audio and video.

The company also makes a line of hardware called the RealCell which allows consumers to wirelessly access Internet content from mobile phones, MP3 players and laptop computers. In 2000, the company launched RealPlayer GoldPass, the first all-in-one media subscription service that combined premium audio and video content, value-added software and games, and advanced services for consumers.


Apptivo is a cloud platform of integrated business apps designed for companies of all sizes. It allows users to manage nearly any business task, from sales & marketing to billing & support and more.

The app’s 40+ apps work together seamlessly so data created in one app can be used anywhere, boosting productivity.

Fractional CMO is a marketing automation agency that was founded in 2017. Their 13 employees focus on content marketing, social media, lead generation, and CRM. They’re currently working on a project that involves cleaning up an IT services company’s HubSpot database.


Amazon is an international e-commerce company that offers online retail, computing services and digital content. It serves consumers, sellers, developers and enterprises.

Among the company’s many e-commerce offerings is its Amazon Prime membership program, which provides free shipping of a variety of items. It also operates a cloud computing platform called AWS.

Amazon plans to expand its Tech Hubs across the country, including in Dallas, Detroit, Denver, New York (Manhattan), Phoenix and San Diego. These offices will host teams supporting various businesses at the company.