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The 24/7 Hindu


NHSF Nottingham proudly presents the 24/7 Hindu.

Have you ever ever puzzled what Hinduism is all about?

If somebody stopped you on the road and requested you what Hinduism is? What would you say…..??

Find out about Hinduism in 45 Minutes – The Final Crash Course

– What’s Hinduism? When did all of it begin?

– Scriptures? Ideas?……… Are they phrases with out meanings within the modern-day?

– Why are there so many gods? …………. Are there too many?

– Who’s a Hindu?

Hinduism in a nutshell with Visitor Speaker Bhavin Davdra!

Come alongside to Sir Clive Granger A44 7pm this Tuesday, for the Arti, dialogue and naturally scrumptious meals!

Your NHSF Nottingham Hindu Society


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