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Srinivasa Govinda – 3D Animation God Songs ( Hare Krishna Vishnu Bhajan Songs )


Govinda Hari Govinda, Srinivasa Govinda – 3D Animation God Songs
Govinda Hari Govinda album is visualisation of meanings of 108 namas of Lord Venkateswara Govinda Hari Govinda is one more album from Cyber Village Options within the sequence of its “Devotional 3D animation video albums”. This album is constructed with an revolutionary idea over a interval of two years, having big units, wonderful technical values, excellent particular results and beautiful graphics. This album explains which means of every Govinda Namam and portrays, all hindu gods, animals, people worshipping Lord Sri Hari. First a part of Govinda Hari Govinda is 26 minutes. It visualizes the which means, Significance uniqueness of every of the 108 Namams in an simply comprehensible manner. This album visualizes all residing beings (Bushes, animals, people and many others), All hindu gods (AshtaDikpalakas, Hanuma, Narada, Garuda, Hayagreva, NagaRaja, Bhrama, Saraswati, Shankara, Parvati, KumaraSwami, Ayyappa, Vinayaka, Navagrahas and many others), Residents of all seven lokas, Musicians like (Annamacharya, Vengamaba, Meerabai and many others), Devotees (Bhramins, Vishnavaites, Nice Sages, Sri Krishna Devaraya and many others) worshipping Lord Govinda and visiting sacred locations of Lord Sri Hari. Individuals who simply listened to Govinda Namas up to now can now view them. Although thousands and thousands of individuals take heed to Govinda Namas solely hundreds know the true which means of it, this album is constructed to elucidate Hanuman Chalisa to common public in simply comprehensible manner utilizing Pc Graphics.
This album is conceived & directed by Rambabu Pendyala. Suresh, Srilatha and Govinda Raju have actively contributed to the album throughout varied segments.


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