Sports Betting Reform: Cracking the Code to Monopoly, Collusion, and the Spread


Imagine if four different sports advice services set the line or spread without any coordination or prior knowledge of the numbers. The actual Interesting Info about 위너 먹튀.

Let’s look at the data surrounding this figure or point spread, which a single Sports Advisory Group often generates. The Internet and licensed sportsbooks in Nevada buy or receive this number to use in their operations. These businesses risk a half-point, a point, or an extra $5 on the money chances to make a short statement. However, everyone will share a number identical to or within a single digit of every other number posted. Any other industry would view this as price fixing and collusion.

The question is why every sports book uses the same spread or odds. Why? Because no one wants to upset the apple cart.

What if at least four separate sports consulting organizations were responsible for establishing betting lines instead of a single entity? The determined number would then be posted online by each organization for sale to sportsbooks worldwide.

With this new operation method, the monopoly created when the line is set up can be broken. What should we do now? Some publications would even risk publishing scores that are off by as much as five points one way or the other. Because no one wants to upset the status quo, I seriously doubt it. Is this an example of sportsbooks working together to avoid a price or point-spread war and protect their market share?

A computer program is likely used to compile all the statistics and other data to derive the point spread value. The final tally is then honed to account for how people think money should be invested. It’s common knowledge that sports books try to guess or anticipate the point at which the audience will be evenly divided.

There are numerous instances where the line does not reflect the actual score. About 65% of the time, they get pretty darn close. But whether the favorite wins by 21 points or the underdog wins outright, the spread is wildly off at minus 7.

Would there be a revolution if the same minus-7 point favorite was displayed as minus-11 points in a different sportsbook? If there were a conflict of opinion, casino management might feel uneasy. After working together for so long, I imagine they’d start to question one another’s motives.

Any industry needs choice and competition among its players to develop an accurate and balanced market. Since you’re competing against other bettors on a Betting Exchange, the market is much closer to being more even. While the spread remains the same, the money odds dramatically improve when more bettors participate.

Nevada sportsbooks and online sportsbooks can boost their handle and become more competitive if they restructure their Sports Book operations to incorporate alternatives to the spread. I propose implementing spread betting, a popular type of gambling in Europe. Please give them a more comprehensive range of line customization options for a slight price increase. There are different run lines at some online sportsbooks. Both the favorite and underdog are given a minus 1.5 run spread.

The sportsbooks need to improve their game to keep up with the competition. We know they won’t “rock that boat” unless some casinos or racetracks start acting independently. This is risky, but it might grow its market share significantly if successful. It’s funny how sportsbooks hate being in the gambling industry. They are just about making a buck and avoiding any real danger. The big spenders worry them more than the typical, losing leisure gamblers.

Getting people to modify their behavior in the financial markets is like trying to encourage people to give up smoking or lose weight. Many people and organizations struggle when faced with change. Talk, as the adage goes, is cheap. Nonetheless, technology is becoming increasingly common in the Sports Betting market. With any luck, this will stimulate the sports betting industry, leading to more options and healthier competition.

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