Some of the Best Free Games You Can Download and Play Right Now!


Whether you’re looking to splurge for a premium version of a game or just looking for some free games to play on your laptop, there are plenty of options out there. Here’s a list of some of the best free games you can download and play right now!

Apex Legends

Developed by Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends is a first-person shooter set in the Titanfall universe. The game features an immersive universe and a number of interesting mechanics. It is available on Xbox One and PC.

The game is free to play and features a variety of unique weapons, cosmetic items, and gameplay features. The game features a map, a tutorial, and several multiplayer modes. It uses a number of clever animations and graphics to create a compelling gaming experience.

World of Tanks

Featuring tanks, armored monsters, and war-torn locations, World of Tanks is an online multiplayer game with a high strategy element. The game has an excellent selection of maps.

Players can customize their tanks, but only if they have a premium account. Tanks can be upgraded with special “crystals” that can increase their skills. The more crystals, the better the tank.

Players can also spend real-world money to purchase equipment. For example, a premium tank can be purchased with gold.

Tower of Fantasy

Described as an anime-inspired sci-fi adventure, Tower of Fantasy is a shared-world MMORPG that lets you explore a colorful world. Players can explore the world on their own or team up with friends for an even bigger challenge.

Tower of Fantasy offers a wide array of characters, vehicles, weapons, and upgrade systems. Players can also craft items, fight monsters, and complete side quests.

Path of Exile

Taking place in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast, Path of Exile is an action RPG that features a lot of content. It also has the advantage of being free.

In Path of Exile, you can play a wide range of classes. There are seven classes available in Path of Exile and they all line up with three core attributes. Each of these classes has a passive skill tree that can be customized to meet your play style.


Whether you are new to MultiVersus or you are looking for a new way to play, there are a few things you should know. The first is that MultiVersus is a free-to-play fighting game. It features a variety of different playable characters from Warner Bros. franchises and other popular media. It also offers a variety of different gameplay modes. Among these are the standard two-versus-two matches and the 1 vs. 1 local mode. You can also try out strategic combinations of classes to make your characters more effective.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

STAR WARS(TM): The Old Republic is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game (MMORPG). It is set thousands of years before the events of the Star Wars movies. Players can choose to be a Jedi or a Sith, and explore the galaxy as they create their own character.

The game has an extensive storyline, and each character can travel to different planets in the STAR WARS galaxy. The storyline is narrated in a cinematic fashion, with full voiceovers for in-game characters. It also features music composed for each planet.

Cry of Fear

Until recently, Cry of Fear was a pay-to-play game, but a free standalone version is now available on Steam. The game is a survival horror game, with a plethora of unique weapons and items to unlock. It is a must-play if you are a fan of gruesome horror games. You will need to navigate the terrain, scavenge for resources, and get out of the way of the swarms of evil.


Among the free games on the market, Bombergrounds might not have as many features as a high-end mobile game, but it is still an entertaining and fast-paced action game. It offers a good mix of multiplayer and solo play, as well as some interesting social features.

In the game, players are assigned a weapon, which they use to drop bombs on other players. Players can also collect power-ups to help them fight. In addition, players can earn rewards for completing certain tasks. The game also offers the ability to customize your character.

Honkai Impact 3rd

Initially released in China in late 2016, Honkai Impact 3 is a next-gen 3D cel-shaded anime action game with a unique and addictive combat system. It has a strong and engaging storyline, a wide array of game modes, and an all-star cast of characters.

The game has been released in North America, Europe, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. The game has a large fan base in these regions.

Planetside 2

Developed by Sony Entertainment Online, PlanetSide 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online first-person shooter that has a vast playable area. It is the largest online FPS battle, with a record-breaking 1,283 players in one battle. PlanetSide 2 also features intense infantry combat and a large variety of vehicles and aircraft.

Players can select from five character classes: Soldier, Medic, Engineer, MAX, and Specialist. Each class has a different set of abilities and weapons. For example, the Engineer can repair vehicles and deploy turrets. The Medic can provide medical assistance to fallen soldiers.