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Silent Dying of Hinduism in Manipur (Half 1)

Purvapaksha on Manipur / Manipuri
Is Hinduism alive in Mahabharat’s Manipur? Know the way the house of Hinduism has been encroached in simply 100 odd years.
Grateful to Govardhan Math, Puri
Grateful to Rajiv Malhotra
Please Learn:
1. Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines
2. Being Completely different : An Indian Problem To Western Universalism
3. Indra’s Web – Defending Hinduism Philosophical Unity
4. The Battle for Sanskrit: Is Sanskrit Political or Sacred? Oppressive or Liberating? Lifeless or Alive?
5. Tutorial Hinduphobia: A Critique of Wendy Doniger’s Erotic Faculty of Indology
[1] The Meitheis
by Thomas Callan Hodson
Publication date 1908

[2] Historical past of Manipur
By Jyotirmoy Roy
Publication date 1958
http://dspace.nehu.ac.in/bitstream/1/8842/1/Historical past%20of%20Manipur%20(J%20Roy).pdf

[3] Revivalist motion among the many meiteis of Cachar Assam and Manipur (PhD Thesis)
Researcher: Maibam, Ratankumar Singh
http://hdl.deal with.web/10603/104053

[4] Creation of a caste _ the emergence and position of Brahmans in Manipuri society (PhD Thesis)
Researcher: Bebita Devi, S
http://hdl.deal with.web/10603/93320

[1] Western Lens: Intentional Hearth
Dharmic Dhristi: Unintended Hearth
[2] Western Lens: Hindu State
Dharmic Dhristi : Christian State
[3] Western Lens: 18th century Hinduism got here
Dharmic Dhristi: Fantasy & Propaganda | Itihas of Manipur goes again to Mahabharat
[4] Western Lens: “Brahmin” transformed the king to Hinduism
Dharmic Dhristi: Fantasy & Propaganda | Brahmin was a software program salesman of Hinduism.
[5] Western Lens: Lallup – Slavery / Feudalism
Dharmic Dhristi: Lallup – Rashtra Dharm
[6] Western Lens: Hinduism accountable for Plain vs Hill divide
Dharmic Dhristi: Christianity framework accountable for Plain vs Hill divide
[7] Western Lens: Hindu Kingdom – cacophonic / Oppressive
Dharmic Dhristi: Ram Rajya
[8] Western Lens: Brahma Sabha – Hindu Orthodoxy
Dharmic Dhristi: Brahma Sabha – Steering to Hindu samaj

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