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Shiva The Destroyer – Hindu mythology


Please watch: “An Interpretation of the Historic Ishtar Fantasy” –~–
Shiva The Destroyer or is it? Shiva is the supreme god inside Shavism. Shiva associated custom is discovered throughout India, Napal, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia however it’s historic roots are unclear and contested.
The Bhimbetka rock shelters from pre 10,000 BCE present Shiva dancing, Shiva’s trident and his house Mt Nandi.
A seal found within the Ingus Valley has drawn consideration as an early illustration of Shiva surrounded by animals and the determine is described as having three faces, seated within the Yoga place with two semi-circle shapes on it is head resembling the horns of a bull. This seal will not be acknowledged by fashionable Shavism, I ponder why?
Please watch the video for extra info on Shiva from Hindu mythology at mythology explored by historic thriller on youtube.

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