Shabase: The best organic skin care products that can protect your skin very well!



Every single one wants to have beautiful skin but achieving this goal is not as easy as it sounds. Shabase is the best product of Shahnaz Husain can help you a lot to achieve this goal. For that, you just need to take care of your skin with Shabase, the best-quality skin care product. But it will be not enough because, besides this, you also need to maintain a healthy lifestyle at the same time. You need to sleep properly, eat healthy, and just about junk food very strongly. In this article,  you can be able to know about everything about this magical product very well. So, keep reading and gather some vital information about Shabase.

Basic information about Shabase skincare product

This is a natural skin care product that is sandalwood-based and this product is specially made for sensitive skin. This skin care product can protect your skin naturally and help your skin to improve at the same time. So, after using this product, you can be able to see that your acne, pimples, and other skin issues are recovering very effectively. Day by day your skin will become very healthy and glowing. You need to experience this healthy and natural skin care product to protect your skin very positively.

You can be able to get it in various sizes. Such as the regular size is 40 gm which is designed for individual use. But if you want to have it in large size then also you will be able to get it too. There is a salon size that comes to 500 gm as well. This wonderful product is manufactured by Shahnaz Ayurvedics in India.

Shabase key ingredients

This skin care cream is a combination of natural healthy products. The main ingredient of this cream is sandalwood which is very effective for all types of skin. Besides this, aloe vera, rose water, and almond oil are also there to improve the quality of this magical cream. As we already know aloe vera is very hydrated and it gives your skin a natural glow as well. It is also very effective on sensitive skin at the same time.


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Rose water is a natural cleanser that can help your skin to keep soft and shiny. You also need to remember that our skin needs moisturizer as well and almond oil is the best option that can provide your skin with a natural moisturizer.

All of these natural ingredients make Shabase the best of all. But if you have highly sensitive skin then it is suggested that before using any skincare product you need to go through a skincare test first.

More ingredients are here:

  • Vitamin E for cell protection.
  • Honey is used as an antibiotic for the skin.
  • Glycerine for natural PH balance.
  • Butter tree extract is a moisturizer and protector of the skin.


How to use Shabase skincare products properly?

When it comes to skincare you have to maintain the proper way to do it. And if you can be able to do it correctly then the result will surely surprise you. It is very important to use Shabase skincare products very properly if you want to see the best result. So, let’s check out the proper process to use this magical natural skin care product.

  • First, You have to clean your skin very well and for that just use a mild skin cleanser. Just massage your skin for a few seconds and wash it with water.
  • Now, you have to dry your face very well. You can use a cotton towel to make your work easier and quicker.
  • Then you need to take a small amount of the Shabase cream and start applying it on the effective areas on your face or you can also use it all over the face as well.
  • Now, it is the time to message the cream properly. For that, gently massage it into the skin using the best skin massage process to absorb it well.
  • You can also use it on your neck side areas as well.
  • If you want to get the best result, then just use it twice a day. Add this cream to your morning and evening skincare routine and wait for the magical change.

Some additional tips for using it:

As we already mentioned the proper way of using this skin care product well but here are some more tips given below for using Shabase.

  • Taking a small amount of this cream will be enough for your skin.
  • Before using it directly on your face make sure you have your patch test report with you for the best result.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Do not use this product on children’s skin at all.
  • You can use it daily but be aware of your needs first.

Benefits of using Shabase skincare product

This is a Shahnaz Husain skin care product that claims that it is a moisturizer, sunscreen, and foundation all in one. So, if you are using Shabase then you do not need to use any other moisturizer, sunscreen, or any foundation at all. This skin care cream is for all types of skin and you can use this cream daily without any hesitation. But before using Shabase You have to know about the beneficial sides of this product first. Because it will help you to know about this product very well and you will ski feel confident of using it too. Let’s check out some information now.


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  • Nowadays, 90% of people are affected by acne problems. So, if you are one of them then this magical cream can save your life. After using this product you will see that your acne problem is reducing very effectively. The power of these herbal ingredients is outstanding and unbelievable. It will help to clean your skin and make it healthy and glowing day by day.
  • It will help your skin control excessive oiliness and this is one of the most important things to prevent. Neither your skin may have so many skin diseases after some time. This magical cream will help your skin balance oiliness and make your skin more healthier.
  • As you know, Shabase is made up of all-natural ingredients and all of these natural ingredients have special properties to heal your skin pores very effectively. So, after using this cream, it will tell your skin to become very smooth, and soft and reduce the risk of being associated with any skin disease at all.
  • Skin nourishment is very important and this skin care product can be able to do it for you as well. As it has acne-fighting properties, it can be able to provide all the essentials to your skin to promote a healthy and balanced complexion.
  • The best beneficial part of this skin care product is that it will not clog your skin pores at all. Most of the time, for sensitive skin it becomes very irritating when cream starts to clog skin pores after using. So, green flag for Shabase.
  • The texture of this magical cream is very lightweight and non-greasy at the same time. So, you do not need to worry at all because it will make you feel very comfortable after using it for a long day as well.

Some additional beneficial sides to using this skincare cream.

  • It will also help your skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as well.
  • It can brighten your skin and make it glow.
  • Can also improve your skin type very positively.
  • Help your skin from premature aging as well and this is one of the most common problems for this generation.

A special look at Shahnaz Husain

Shahnaz Husain is an Indian herbal beauty company owner who is also known as The Queen of Herbal Beauty Care as well. She was born in 1944 in Allahabad. After her studies, she started making herbal beauty products that became a global hit within a few years. With her knowledge and experience, she nailed this beauty industry very effectively. And her beauty products are amazing for all types of skincare. Shabase is one of the best products here that can make your skin healthy and glowing with the help of natural ingredients.

How to purchase Shabase?

You can be able to buy it from any offline beauty store very easily. And if you are looking for an online purchase then there are so many options available for you. Such as you can buy it from the official website of Shahnaz Husain Beauty Store, Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, and others. The price of this magical skin care product will depend on the product size. For 40 gm, it will cost around 800 rupees. Always try to buy this cream from a trustworthy retailer shop.


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Final thought

If you are looking for a natural effective skin care product then Shabase is the best product that you can use. It will help you to reduce any skin problems very well and make your skin healthy and happy.