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Science vs Spirituality : Darwin concept of evolution and hinduism on cow as mom


Since historical instances individuals of Indian tradition thought-about as cow is mom, however why? So at present you perceive the entire science behind it,

Those that consider it will say that cow’s milk is nice or there may be plenty of advantages of cow urine, that’s the reason it’s referred to as a mom, then this factor is completely mistaken to think about cow as a mom.

You should have heard about Darwin’s concept, people are the subsequent hyperlink to a collection of monkeys, monkey is our ancestor, that’s our father, so it was tough for the individuals to just accept this truth.

Now what Darwin was saying, There’s a lot similarity within the physique of the monkey and the human physique, just like the monkey’s intelligence, there may be plenty of man’s mind and dedication, even at present we stroll in Locomotion, individuals shouldn’t have to do Locomotion at present. Nonetheless we do it, as a result of this behavior could be very previous, which is related to the earlier hyperlink of the behavior of the monkeys. And Darwin additionally says that when the monkey walked with 4 palms and toes, it’s the behavior of that which doesn’t go away people at present.

The human physique is the sequel to the monkey’s growth, in the identical method the soul of the individual is the sequel to the soul of the cow. The soul that comes within the human physique, the soul has come by the physique of the cow.

Darwin proved that the journey of the individual’s physique got here by the monkey, however that is precisely what is claimed by the soul within the physique that it has been confirmed by the yogi of Sanatan Dharma, however individuals of recent world cannot perceive, as a result of it’s a full religious course of.


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