Sadhus at Pashupatinath temple*Maha Shivaratri*Colours of Worship in Hinduism


Harking back to such pure components because the earth, the sky and the solar, many colours have turn out to be symbols consultant of the capabilities and traits that these components possess. Due to this fact, as a faith so in tune with nature, the symbolic which means of those colours has been adopted and built-in into Hinduism. From the saffron robes of holy males to the blue pores and skin of the deities to the white clothes worn by mourning widows, sure colours are used particularly for his or her symbolism in Hinduism.

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In Hinduism, the colour crimson symbolizes optimistic ideas. For marriage ceremony ceremonies, brides put on crimson clothes, put crimson dye of their hair and place a crimson dot on their foreheads as a result of crimson represents purity. Since clay earth is crimson and produces many harvests, the colour crimson can also be consultant of fertility. As a daring colour, crimson symbolizes daring feelings and traits, corresponding to ardour, sensuality, energy and power. The deities who put on crimson, such because the goddess Durga, possess the respectable qualities that the colour represents.

White, which consists of many colours, symbolizes a spread of notions within the Hindu faith. It’s worn by deities who’re equated with peacefulness, innocence and purity, such because the goddess Saraswati. The cleanliness of the colour white symbolizes new beginnings and rebirth. Alternatively, white can also be symbolic of loss of life in Hinduism. Widows put on white whereas mourning as a result of it’s a reflective colour that represents their have to replicate again to the world and detach themselves from society whereas grieving.

Inexperienced gadgets, corresponding to leaves, are utilized in many Hindu prayer rituals as a result of the colour is consultant of the pure world that the deities created. For the reason that deities are related to the colour inexperienced, it’s symbolic of the happiness, peace and concord that the deities carry to Hindus. Inexperienced additionally represents fertility, life and rebirth which are present in nature. In the end, inexperienced is taken into account a colour that symbolizes the identical tranquility and quietness evident within the deities and the pure world.

Harking back to the colour of fireside, saffron consists of shades of golden-yellow and orange. Along with being just like the colour of fireside, saffron can also be symbolic of the cleaning and purity that comes from burning objects. Hindu monks put on saffron-colored robes to characterize their mission to cleanse and eradicate impurities and evil from the world. The colour saffron can also be consultant of lightness and knowledge, qualities that the monks possess.

A variety of Hindu gods, corresponding to Vishnu, Krishna and Shiva, are depicted as having blue pores and skin. Due to this fact, the colour blue represents the traits that most of the deities possess, corresponding to bravery, goodness, willpower and protectiveness. Blue can also be a colour present in such pure components because the sky and water which makes it symbolic of the peacefulness of nature. Hindus view darkish blue as being consultant of calmness and instinct.

Yellow is symbolic of studying and data as a result of it’s a colour usually depicted within the garments of sensible Hindu deities, corresponding to Vishnu, Krishna and Ganesha. As the colour of the solar, yellow additionally represents the traits of the solar, corresponding to mild, heat and happiness. Moreover, as a result of considerable presence of the solar throughout spring, yellow symbolizes new beginnings and developments.


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