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Romila Thapar's Dishonest Evaluation Of Hinduism And Caste description coming from Aravindan

Prof. Romila Thapar in her newest ebook on ‘Indian cultures’, tries to painting Hindu tradition as a tradition of discrimination. To do that she performs a ‘suppressio veri and suggestio falsi’ recreation wherein the leftists are adepts. Right here we glance into the defaming portrayal that Prof. Thapar makes towards Hinduism.

We glance into the quantum and high quality of information she has to hide to make this portrayal. We have a look into the doable Harappan origins of social stratification in India which is an aligned phenomenon with social exclusion. Then we glance into the Buddhist-Jain contribution to the defilement of sure hereditary occupations due to their robust notion of moralism and excessive emphasis on non-violence.

On the identical time we additionally take a look at the social emancipation actions that characterised strongly the revival of Vedic spiritual streams after the so-called decline of Buddhism and Jainism.

All these historic components are certainly not unknown to Prof. Thapar. However her purpose is to pin the complete blame for social exclusion because it manifests in India on Hinduism.

This continuous tutorial unfavorable stereotyping of Hindu faith and tradition is in a means rooted within the deep colonial Euro-centric nature of Marxism – the ideological college to which Prof.Thapar belongs.

This quick video is predicated on the flowery essay on the identical topic (‘A Tradition of Discrimination or A Tradition of Emancipation? A Essential Take a look at Romila Thapar’s Newest Guide’) printed in Swarajya journal internet portal.

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