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00:02:10 1 Conceptual definitions
00:05:53 2 Historical past
00:06:02 2.1 Origins
00:07:11 2.2 Early Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism
00:11:44 2.2.1 Rationale
00:13:08 2.2.2 Comparability
00:15:22 2.Three Early Greece
00:17:07 2.four Classical Antiquity
00:21:51 2.5 Celtic paganism
00:23:03 2.6 Germanic paganism
00:23:43 2.7 Judaism
00:26:07 2.Eight Taoism
00:26:58 2.9 European Center Ages
00:28:04 2.10 Renaissance and Early Fashionable interval
00:29:31 2.11 19th to 20th centuries
00:32:36 Three Religions and philosophies
00:32:46 3.1 Hinduism
00:37:40 3.2 Buddhism
00:43:37 3.Three Jainism
00:50:41 3.four Judaism
00:55:44 3.5 Sikhism
00:57:21 3.6 Yoruba faith
00:59:00 3.7 Native American nations
01:01:17 3.Eight Christianity
01:02:44 3.8.1 The concept of reincarnation within the early Church fathers
01:05:42 3.9 Islam
01:07:04 3.9.1 Ghulat sects
01:08:03 3.10 Druze
01:09:45 3.11 New non secular and religious actions
01:09:56 3.11.1 Spiritism
01:10:33 3.11.2 Theosophy
01:12:02 3.11.Three Fashionable astrology
01:13:25 3.11.four Anthroposophy
01:14:30 3.11.5 Scientology
01:16:48 3.11.6 Meher Baba
01:17:10 3.11.7 Wicca
01:18:00 four Reincarnation within the Western world
01:23:07 5 Educational analysis into claims of reincarnation

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“I can’t educate anyone something, I can solely make them assume.”
– Socrates

Reincarnation is the philosophical or non secular idea that a side of a residing being begins a brand new life in a distinct bodily physique or kind after every organic loss of life. It is usually known as rebirth or transmigration, and is part of the Saṃsāra doctrine of cyclic existence. It’s a central tenet of all main Indian religions, particularly Jainism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. The concept of reincarnation is discovered in lots of historical cultures, and a perception in rebirth/metempsychosis was held by Greek historic figures, comparable to Pythagoras, Socrates, and Plato. It is usually a typical perception of varied historical and fashionable religions comparable to Spiritism, Theosophy, and Eckankar, and as an esoteric perception in lots of streams of Orthodox Judaism. It’s discovered as effectively in lots of tribal societies around the globe, in locations comparable to Australia, East Asia, Siberia, and South America.Though the vast majority of denominations inside Christianity and Islam don’t imagine that people reincarnate, specific teams inside these religions do seek advice from reincarnation; these teams embrace the mainstream historic and modern followers of Cathars, Alawites, the Druze, and the Rosicrucians. The historic relations between these sects and the beliefs about reincarnation that had been attribute of Neoplatonism, Orphism, Hermeticism, Manicheanism, and Gnosticism of the Roman period in addition to the Indian religions have been the topic of current scholarly analysis. Unity Church and its founder Charles Fillmore teaches reincarnation.
In current many years, many Europeans and North Individuals have developed an curiosity in reincarnation, and plenty of modern works point out it.


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